[Closed][NSFW] Hiring experienced game writers

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[Closed][NSFW] Hiring experienced game writers

#1 Post by MuseX » Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:16 pm

Hey, I'm building a writing team of 2 or 3 experienced writers to work with me in my RPG adult game (18+) called Farmer's Dreams and possibly in future projects! You can check my Patreon page here.
My game is being developed for more than 2 years now and I've worked with several different writers, artists and programmers with whom I have a great relationship. My previous writer worked with me for about 1.5 years until he decided to leave me (and everybody else he was working for) and stopped working in this area.

About the Job:
  • You'll get paid (Paypal or Payoneer) as soon as you finish a scene you're responsible for. No upfront payment. I'm moving away from upfront and monthly fixed payments based on my previous experiences. I can get you in contact with previous and current team members to confirm that I always pay for the work done as agreed.
  • My decision to hire multiple freelancers instead of a fixed writer for the whole project is to speed up the development and finish the game as soon as possible, without stressing anyone with monthly game releases and 'busy with other jobs' periods. I never worked like this and we'll be discovering together the best way to make this work. That being said, working somewhat fast when there is work to be done is still important, even with more loose deadlines, but keep in mind that we'll also probably face some times without any work to be done.
  • We'll talk using Discord and organize our work on Trello. You'll get a list with descriptions for all scenes for the entire game. During this phase it's expected of writers to give their own ideas and suggestions about those scenes. Once every picture of a scene is 'finished' (like a storyboard) it will be available for any writer to take charge of it and start writing the entire scene - this means you'll write scenes basing on pictures already made and previous discussions about it. Ideally everybody should review all scripts after they're done so keep this in mind and raise your price based on the extra work of spending some time reading and discussing other things (or add it as an extra amount).
  • Regular scenes (50+ CGs) have approximately 4.000 words each. Initially we'll have at least 10 scenes per writer, but there are plans to expand that after the game is finished.
  • You'll also have to do some very basic coding that won't count as words written. It can look a bit confusing now but I'll teach you how to do everything, including how to set most of it with shortcuts (it's basically the same code every time, over and over again, so a big part of it can be done automatically). This is how a finished script ends up looking: https://i.imgur.com/6auDiWg.jpg
    But you'll be doing a way more basic version of it while I take care of the more complicated stuff, so most of your work will actually look like this: https://i.imgur.com/SuM6VvM.png
    If you're an amazing writer but really don't want to write any code feel free to discuss it with me, maybe we can find a solution.
  • It will be nice if you can play the game to better understand the characters and the story so far, but I'll send you more information about the story and characters once we start, regardless of that.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to write uncensored sex scenes, as well as romantic, erotic and sometimes about taboo subjects. You'll be able to choose the kind of scenes you want to write, but it would be useful to know your restrictions first. My game does not contain any underage sex, rape, scat, gore, bestiality or anything too heavy really. There are some grey area scenes involving some manipulation and even blackmail, put even those are actually about people pretending they don't want something and basically playing roles, so I always make it clear in my stories that both parties actually want to be with each other.
  • Email me the best examples of your work and your prices at musexgames@gmail.com. You can show me your own games/games you worked on, but I won't play any, so please send me the scenes you want me to see in text (or even video) format. Send me at least one sex scene and one dialogue scene. I won't accept anyone without some kind of portfolio.
Let's have fun making this game together! I'm not making games to be stressed - I want some new awesome friends to enjoy making this game with me, but also people who are serious about their work and that can be trusted. So don't be shy and send me a message! Feel free to ask me any questions too. I'm dying to meet my new awesome writers =D
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Re: [NSFW] Hiring experienced game writers

#2 Post by Beetlejuice92 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:41 pm

Hey, are you still looking for writers, or are the positions filled?

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