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Hiring Writer for Slice of Life VN! (CLOSED)

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 3:42 pm
by Googaboga
We're no longer accepting applications! Thank you very much to everyone who reached out. We'll be going over all the samples sent in and will try to get in touch with writers we're considering within the next few days.



Our Life is a nostalgic Visual Novel where you create your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. It’s a choice-heavy story that consists of separate vignette scenes called “Moments”. We’re looking for an additional writer to join the team and work on getting the remaining Moments done.

Moments are around 10,000 words long, but that’s just a general estimate. They can potentially be longer or shorter. We’re looking for someone who can finish at least one Moment per month, so the writer will have to be up for writing 10,000+ words each month. Though, sometimes, it may not end up being that much. The position will last for the next four months.

If the writer is especially available and more work is desired, we can arrange for a larger amount of scripts to be done.

General Info:
-The payment amount will be set by the applicant! We’ll need to know your rates when you apply. Ideally, the payments would be calculated on a set price per-word written.
-Money will be sent through Paypal each time a Moment has been completed.
-Applicants must be 18-years-old or older.
-The project itself is rated 16+, for some swearing and somewhat suggestive content.
-The story does include optional romance. The protagonist’s gender is player choice, the love interests are all male.

You can read more about the project and try out a demo for it here:

Work Requirements:
-Follow detailed scene outlines and turn the concepts into actual written scripts
-Finish at least one Moment per month (which will generally amount to writing around 10,000+ words per month), or more.
-Work on the project for the next four months.
-Ultimately finish a total of four Moments in four months, or more.
-Match the simple format the prior scripts were written in (examples will be sent later in the application process to those who get accepted for consideration).
-Play the beta build of Our Life and read upcoming scripts to gain an understanding of the characters and writing style (beta and scripts will be sent only to the writer we’d like to hire. The writer will be free to back out if they’re no longer interested in the project after reading all the game’s content).

Our Life has a second person perspective (a narrator referring to the MC as “you”) in the past tense (“you smiled”). There is a huge amount of variations in the scenes based on current/prior choices made by the player. That means scripting will be more complicated than writing straight forward scenes. Please keep that in mind when applying/determining rates.

Application Details:
-Rates for script writing.
-Examples of your prior writing work.
-A mention of prior experience working on Visual Novels, if applicable.
-A confirmation that you’ll be available to finish at least one Moment per month for the next four months.
-A link to your social media, or website, or some other place where your work is uploaded (later in the application process we’ll need to get in touch through one of your official pages so we can confirm the person who emailed us is really you).

Reply below, send us a private message, or send us an email.

Thank you very much for checking this out!