looking for Composer for sad philosophical love story VN(closed)

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looking for Composer for sad philosophical love story VN(closed)

#1 Post by Lenvo » Mon Apr 27, 2020 4:01 pm

I'm not sure how common it is to ask for a musician nor if this is the right place to do so however, but we are in need of one. I don't care whether you place the violin, piano, guitar, trumpet or if you banged some rocks together and created a beat one time. we need YOU.

To provide some context to the story, there's this boy(you the player) who's obsessed with logic and rational thinking. He always goes about his day to in the most efficient way possible due to his parents leaving in an illogical and irrational way as he doesn't want to end up like them. Due to his behavior he often gets taken advantage of by his peers but does nothing about it as it's irrational to do so. One day he hears of this curse that a Witch is giving out causing people to get sick from going up to the mountain and seeing her. Out of spite and this feeling of needing to prove that that is illogical and impossible, he travels up the mountain. What he saw was this girl labeled as The Witch and ostracized by people who visit her. The boy after conquering his fears ends up staying up there to talk to this girl despite it being illogical(he was stubborn to prove that this girl was normal). They argued and he didn't learn too much but they had a strange chemistry which brought the boy back a second day where he decided to continue visiting this girl everyday. Over the course of the week the boy slowly learns to come to terms with his parents and become less logical and the girl finally getting someone who could talk to her. However, on the 7th day the girl is found in her room distressed and filled with anxiety. She had lied to the boy saying that the curse was actually just a posioness flower and that if you stay longer than a week it will take hold of you like a parasite and use you as its host forever. Unless, you leave the mountains(which is native to this flower) then it will stop supporting you and kill you from the inside. The girl was sad and felt guilty for using the boy for company but now she could no longer. The boy then has a choice whether he should leave her and never return or stay with her and abandon his life.

Please contact me if you're interested and I look forward to working with you :D
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