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[PAID] [GxG] [18+] [CLOSED] Seeking Script Writer for Marionette

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:04 pm
by Hazel-Bun
A GL Fantasy Visual Novel
Hello everyone! I'm Olivia, but I’m known as Hazel-Bun around here. I'm searching for a script writer for a revived visual novel project called Marionette. The premise is a golem and her mistress falling in love, but their forbidden love carries with it evil consequences.

The intended length is between 17,500-39,999 words in total paid a flat rate or a per word rate with "chapters" delivered weekly. The writer would be given an outline that includes a choice map. Art, music, and most of the UI is already complete for this project. Applicants must be 18+ or the age of majority in their country because there will be one sex scene in game.

Please contact me using one of the options below. Indicate your rate and how fast you think you can complete the work. Samples of your previous writing, especially visual novel script writing in Ren'Py is encouraged.


Twitter: @AureliaLeoS
Email: aurelialeoco [at]