The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

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The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

#1 Post by Pdquinn » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:46 am

What Is C.A.R.L.
C.A.R.L. is you.
You are the next generation in software-based Artificial Intelligence and you have been just installed aboard the Research Station affectionately known as 'The SandBox'. You have just taken your first steps into self-awareness. Or, rather, you will, in this game.

In C.A.R.L. (Project name) you will guide this A.I through his first moments of actual self-awareness all the way to being a sentient, 'living' being. You will be able to either assist the researchers under your control in their day to day activities or, hinder. You will be able to develop yourself, as in the beginning you are limited in your abilities to interact with the world. But through research and interactions/manipulations of the crew you can upgrade yourself. The story will be a combination of a Life Sim and a Cosmic Horror VN. You will discover what introduced the spark that gave you your life, what hunts/haunts your researchers and decide if you want to ally yourself with it, fight it and protect your crew or take advantage of the situation for your own selfish goals.

Who I Am

I am a 37 year old writer working in the games industry as a test engineer. I live in Seattle Washington with my wife and our two rescue pets. I've worked on smaller community jams in the past. I consider myself accepting of others regardless of what they believe, understanding of unique life situations and I try to grow with every encounter and learn something from those interactions. I've always wanted to make a game but have been to scared to actually attempt it. After all nobody likes to fail. But what leads to success if not a road made from failures? The important thing is we try and keep trying.

What do we have so far?
A very rough intro, some placeholder images, some placeholder sounds and a wish and a dream!

But seriously, I've got a start to the story, a outline of characters and a few pages of dialogue. I made some placeholder images using free open sourced assets modified to be 'glitchy'. I've started to play around with ATOM and the Renpy software. But that's about it. I've got a story idea and I need you!

Who Do We Need and How Do You Get Paid?
Based on the subject matter, team members should be at least eighteen years of age. All team members can throw ideas into the pot and we'll decide as a group what fits and what doesn't. I'll field any offers of assistance however there are some key positions I'd like to fill:

Lead Programmer - I'd like to play with some unique interaction ideas within Renpy. If you enjoy twisting things to get it to do what you want, I want you!

Lead Artist - GLITCH, that's the theme of the art style here. You're an A.I with a unique perceptive on the world. If you like making WEIRD art. And want to explore how a A.I percieves the world and evolves as it adds functions. I Definately WANT you!

Music and Sound - I know they're two different specialties. But if you have a handle on either of these, we could use you. Subtle ambient sounds to ratchet the tension up, computer clicks, whirs and beeps, oxygen fans blowing in empty clinical halls etc. For music I'm thinking Synthwave and Chill-Fi. Futuristic beats. I'm looking for someone with a hand on heartbeat of the future! This is your chance to get weird with it.

Co-Writer - I need someone to bounce ideas off, help me develop the overall Cosmic Horror theme and help me in event writing. Should have a good grasp of English.

Marketing? - This is kinda wishful position. But I'd like someone to handle social media, branding and marketing. There of course wouldn't be much work in the beginning but, you know. I am of the mind if people don't hear ABOUT your game, it's not gonna do well.

OTHER? - Offer something unique? Something you think I missed? Feel free to approach me! I'm friendly I swear!

How you get paid? My tentative plan is to offer it on for a reasonable price. The primary goal is to get the story out there and complete a project. But it'd be nice to make a little cash too. At the moment I have no plans for a Kickstarter but could easily be swayed to start one if we have QUALITY samples to show and the project is nearing completion. I've seen too many broken promises on Kickstarter to become one myself.

That being said, regardless of how we decide to offer it, each team member will get a portion of sales. Evenly split among members. If it's $5 profit and theres six of us, well that's a 1.20 a person! If it's 1000$ and there's 12 of us, then it's 83.33$! You get where I'm going with this.

If we as a group decide to do another project and any member would rather have their share added to any future project funding pots. I'm open to that too but it's definitely not an expectation.

How Do You Join?
Ok this is important. I'll entertain anyone who approaches me however, please come with samples of work and a small intro. I'd like to know if you're going to fit with the team. Collaboration works best with people who get along, so please leave your politics at the door.

Contact me on Discord @ Krundicus Maximus#4563.

I work from home right now, but I am busy during peak 9-5 hours. So if I don't respond right away don't get disheartened.

Thanks for reading this mess and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Re: The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

#2 Post by alexei » Fri Sep 25, 2020 6:35 am

I just added you.

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Re: The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

#3 Post by GoyaMunoz » Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:08 pm

Hi Added you as well.
You can also contact me on any of these for more samples :)
IG, Twitter, Discord

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Re: The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

#4 Post by Saitogami » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:52 pm

Yo Pdquinn!

Thank ya for writing this post. I added you as a friend on Discord!

Wanted to ask if there will be voice over work in the project? If there is, would love to help in anyway (audition, etc.).

Here is a demo of my voice: ... 8506169344 \

Thank you!

My Discord is Saitogami#4253.

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Re: The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

#5 Post by ritualizedrites » Mon May 31, 2021 6:43 pm

Hi! I'm having trouble sending a friend request through discord. My discord is ritualizedrites#7616

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Re: The C.A.R.L. Project Seeks team for Rev Share cosmic horror game.

#6 Post by CyrusPalma » Fri Jun 18, 2021 6:09 am

Hello, I think I sent you a friend request. I'm not sure if you got it. My discord is Cyrus#6692. I am a composer.

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