CLOSED! [Paid] Hiring Sprite Artist!

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CLOSED! [Paid] Hiring Sprite Artist!

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Thank you to everyone who reached out! We're no longer accepting applications.



GB Patch Games is looking for a character sprite artist for our next commercial visual novel project. “Our Life: Now & Forever'' is a wholesome LGBTQ+ story set in a forested mountain town during fall. It’s intended to be incredibly cozy and we’re looking for a warm, expressive, soft paint-ish art style to depict the cast. There is a design guideline, but we’re not expecting the artist to do a look that’s completely different from their usual. We’re looking to work with an artist whose style we’d like to see in the game, rather than find an artist who can mimic an exact preset appearance. The game is in the very beginning stages of production.

Sprite Work: 35-40 knee-up sprites. All will require alternate expressions; many will need alternate outfits/hairstyles/other extras.

Budget: Upwards of $10,000 but not going over $20,000 (in USD). Talk to us about your usual rates and the number of extras that could potentially be added in/taken out to work with it.

Timespan: All of 2021 and into 2022, if needed.

Besides the character sprites, there are also CG images (character + background) that’ll be used throughout the game. There’s a 28+ estimate for those and a separate budget. It’s not required that one artist do both sprites and CGs, but if you would be interested in doing more pieces for the project please do let us know.

General Info:
A basic contract will need to be electronically signed if you’re going to join the team.
Payments will be sent through Paypal.
We’ll reply to applicants’ messages to let them know we got it, but we won’t be able to inform everyone when the position has been filled. Please check back here if you’re curious about the current state of the position.
The application window will remain open until we have a fair amount of artists we’re considering for the position. There’s no strict cutoff date.

Application Info to Send:
Estimate rates for sprite bases, expressions, outfits, hairstyles, and such.
Examples of your previous work.
A link to your social media, website, or some other place where your work is uploaded.
A mention of prior experience working on other projects, if applicable.
If you’d want to do CG work as well or character sprites only.
A confirmation that you’re able to work on a project of this size within the given timeframe.

For the best idea of what the job will be like in terms of scope, feel free to check out the first game in this franchise, “Our Life: Beginnings & Always”. (The art style for this new project isn’t meant to be identical to the prior game. Both games will have distinct looks from each other.)

“Our Life” as a series is about creating your own main character and growing from childhood to adulthood alongside someone else who you can befriend or romance. The first game lets you live your life with a lonely boy next door, the second game will have a sweetheart girl and a thoughtful gender fluid (they/them and he/him) lead. You’ll be able to befriend one and romance the other or be friends with both. The games in this series have free-to-play base stories that everyone can enjoy and are commercial through optional DLC expansions.

Comment below, PM us, or send an email to get in touch.

Contact Email:

Thank you for the interest!
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