Long Since The Eschaton [Josei Jam 2023]

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Long Since The Eschaton [Josei Jam 2023]

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It’s been five years since the apocalypse started, the zombies are slowly decomposing, even new zombies don’t last due to the lack of food source. The last two humans on earth find themselves stumbling upon each other. While one struggles to keep herself alive, the other just wants to end it all.

Long Since the Eschaton follows Kirana, a medic who switched between one survivor group to another until she’s all that’s left. She met Gabe, a self-sustaining survivor who stayed at the same town since the beginning of the plague. Slowly but surely, the two bond and perhaps help each other cope.

Kira Promo.jpg
Gabe Promo.jpg

This is a charity project for mental health awareness, with every 100 DLs I will give IDR 100k to https://bullyid.org/.

Other organizations to donate to will be listed in the game

20.000+ words
4 different endings (Friendship and Romance endings)
Full voice acting
1 FEMC + 1 LI

Trigger warning (16+) : Suicide attempt, Blood, Mentions of grooming, Panic attacks, Profanity, Violence

Download link : https://azurextwilight.itch.io/long-since-the-eschaton

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