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#1 Post by Andredron »

This plug-in adds a bug report screen and the ability to send bug report emails from directly within the game. The emails the plug-in sends contain the following by default:

The name and version of the game.
The platform from which the bug report was sent.
A screenshot.
A bug category (the subject of the email).
The file and the line on which the program is currently on.
A description of the problem by the user.
The plug-in uses the smtplib python moduel which has been included in the .zip archive. The plug-in was developed and tested only with googles SMTP service.

Before proceeding it must be pointed out that using SMTP comes with some inherent security risks. For the plug-in to work you must put in a password for the email that you want to send the email from. As Ren'Py script files are quite easy to decompile I have implemented the sensitive parts in a python file(.py) that can then be compiled. It is not a perfect solution but it should make it harder to access any sensitive info. I still strongly recommend creating a new email account for use as the sender.

The plug-in will attempt to place compiled python files(.pyc) in your Ren'Py install directory. This is necessary for importing the '.pyc' files on android.

This is a short installation guide. For a more indepth guide, see the .pdf in the released .zip archive.

Before we begin we need to acquire an app-password this tool can use to login to the sender email.

Unpack the 'game' folder from the .zip archive into the Ren'Py project.
Open up the 'bugreport_smtp.py' python file and fill out the fields called SENDER, PASSWORD and RECEIVER with your emails and app-password.
Next you want to compile this python file to a .pyc file. This should be automatically done when you run your game.
You are done! You should now be able to send bug reports from within your game!


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