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[Updated] Continue button

#1 Post by Neyunse »

Well, after publishing this post (viewtopic.php?t=63397) I made some adjustments to the code, so here is an updated version.

Code: Select all

init python:
  class Continue(Action):
        :doc: menu_action
        Causes the last save to be loaded.
        The purpose of this is to load the player's last save 
        from the main menu.
            If present, will be used in `renpy.newest_slot`. 

        def __init__(self, regexp=r"(?!_reload).+", confirm=False):
            self.regexp = regexp

        def __call__(self):
            recent_save = renpy.newest_slot(self.regexp)

            if recent_save:

        def get_sensitive(self): 
            if _in_replay:
                return False
            return renpy.newest_slot(self.regexp) is not None
 screen navigation():
 	textbutton "Continue" action Continue()
on the other hand, this is something I submitted in a PR in the official Ren'Py repository (https://github.com/renpy/renpy/pull/4921), and this code has a slight change.
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