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#1 Post by Andredron » ... c-to-renpy

Turn any of your AudiobookTextSync subtitle files + audio combo + epub into a visual novel, thanks to Ren’Py, with all advantages that come with it like (not exhaustive or exclusive to VNs):

Play the audiobook at your own pace
Replaying line audio
Rollback/Skipping text
Background / Text styling
No overwhelmingly long paragraphs (inspired by readwok on that one)
Free shot of dopamine every time you click to the next line, keeping your tiktok-corroded brain active and focused on the book
Clipboard Sync by design, no need to bother with textractor
Note that many of these things can be achieved with mpv+extensions+shortcuts, but, a VN’s a VN, it’s more convenient in many ways.

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