Patreon auth in Ren'Py

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Patreon auth in Ren'Py

#1 Post by Andredron »

First, you need to create a client on Patreon.

Go to the ... er-clients and click on the "Create Client" button.

App Name — enter your game name
Description — enter some text. It will displayed to the user on authentication page.
App Category — Select something
Redirect URIs — enter http://localhost:6167/auth
Client API Version — should be 2
Other fields are not required.
You only need 2 fields "Client ID" and "Client Secret" from the newly created client.

Somewhere in your game (for example, in the "options.rpy") write this code:

Replace the "<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>" with your Client ID value and
"<YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET>" with your Client Secret value.

From the archive that you downloaded from itch, you'll need 4 files inside the "patreon_auth" folder. Extract this folder inside your game folder (i.e ("MyGame/game/patreon_auth")

Now somewhere in the game you can use this action to start auth process:
For example:

textbutton _("Auth with Patreon") action PatreonAuth(PATREON_CLIENT_ID, PATREON_CLIENT_SECRET, "/auth")
By default, user info are saved inside persistent.PATREON_USER_DATA variable.

For example, to get user name:

More info about other fields here:

Some info are not sent from Patreon by default. To get it, you need to edit scopes inside the "patreon_auth/PatreonAuth.rpy" file.

For example, to get user email, update the scope parameter to this:
scope = "identity identity[email]".

Also, you need to update requested fields inside the on_success_auth function. Add "email" to the "fields[user]" field:

user = client.get_user_data({"fields[user]": "full_name,image_url,email"...
More info about scopes here

How to tell if a player is subscribed
Something like this should work:

included = persistent.PATREON_USER_DATA.get("included")
if len(included) > 0:
attributes = included[0].get("attributes", {})
patron_status = attributes.get("patron_status")
amount = attributes.get("currently_entitled_amount_cents")
patron_status variable could be one of those: active_patron, declined_patron, former_patron or None (if user never pledged).

More info here:

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