LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
After Guardian Angel: A Kinetic Novel [Remake] [FREE] 2017-02-25 zhaie
The Year Without Summer [Very Short][Custom VN Engine][Free] 2017-02-24 Keric
Beached! (Prelude), a new and hilarious escape room game 2017-02-24 Ewald
Herald: An Interactive Period Drama [Historical Drama] 2017-02-23 NickW
A Not-So-Bloody Tale [Historical] 2017-02-22 masachika
Mob's Trip to the Dairy Farm [kinetic][Mob Psycho 100] 2017-02-22 kaybdoodles
"A Date with Markiplier"-The Ren'py Version! [BxPlayer] 2017-02-22 Ryu-Gi
Entschuldigung [Horror][Psychological][Thriller][WW1][Steam] 2017-02-17 crimsonnight
Her Lullaby [Horror, Psychological, Mystery, Drama] 2017-02-16 Pommy
Yozora Rhapsody [BxG/Hentai/Commercial] 2017-02-15 Yukari Adult
WHoCDASoC [BxB][BL][Gintama][anime fanfiction][VN] 2017-02-15 aeri
Of Ice & Snow [Drama] [Fantasy] [Romance] 2017-02-15 pyopyon
Animal Lover, A New Otome Game! 2017-02-14 trainwreckgames
Pastel Rain[GxB][Romance][School Life][Drama][Free] 2017-02-14 Sayumi101
I Want Your Cookies: VDay Special [Free][Romance][Comedy] 2017-02-13 sgt_pugs
Alien Interceptor 2017-02-13 wtfman
Amazing! Click to find out more! [clickbait thriller][twine] 2017-02-12 qualifiedbadger
A Blue Horizon - Prologue 2017-02-07 Mobeeuz
Sweetest Monster [BxG, commercial] 2017-02-06 ebi-hime
The Sickness Unto Death [Comedy][Satire][Free-to-play] 2017-02-03 sgt_pugs
Angels with Scaly Wings [Sci-fi/Dragons][Commercial] 2017-01-31 dragondatingsim
Echoes of the Fey: The Immolation [FREE][FANTASY][GxB] 2017-01-31 storykween
A Foretold Affair [Steampunk Adventure][?xG/B/X][Commercial] 2017-01-31 Googaboga
Mage Wars [Urban Fantasy] 2017-01-28 dmasterxd
Treasure of a Blizzard 18+ Nutaku [Fantasy/Hentai/Adventure] 2017-01-27 Irich5 Adult
Red String of Fate [GxB][Otome|Fantasy|Slice of Life|Comedy] 2017-01-26 Windchimes
The Dark [Kinetic][Very Very Short][Philosophy?] 2017-01-26 Zelan
BlackOut: Time Zero (Chapter 1) 2017-01-24 EndoCreations
train reunion [Short][GxG?] 2017-01-16 femslashfatale
✶Starlight Dreamers(2017)✶[DatingSim,StatRaising,Otome,GXB] 2017-01-08 AsHLeX
Incredible Dave 2017-01-03 DrkTost
The Experiment of Professor Rouss [Psychological] 2017-01-01 artAliya
Hug me I'm cold [Short][Cute][Romance][Weird] 2016-12-31 Rarykos
Never give up! [GxB] [otome/detective][commercial] 2016-12-30 salamandra88art
Hide and Seek ALONE [HORROR] [kINETIC VISUAL] [SHORT] 2016-12-29 Eri
Weird Is Normal ~Fateful~ [Drama, Racism] 2016-12-27 MoonByte
[Secret Santa] Them [Sci-fi/Comedy/Suspense/GxB] 2016-12-26 Dreamgazer
Winter Lover [GxG][Modern Fantasy][Short] 2016-12-25 Mysterious Friend
ReWound 101 [Filipino-English] FREE OTOME GAME ❤ 2016-12-25 zhaie
Cops&Robbers [one/two-player][dungeon][Free] 2016-12-21 xavimat
SoulSet [Mystery/Romance/Fantasy] (GxB, GxG) commercial+demo 2016-12-20 Nayru774
Attack Helicopter Date Simulator 2016-12-14 neometalero
Nightowl [Ludum Dare 37] 2016-12-13 Mikomi
A Dating Sim set on a Volcano [comedy][short] 2016-12-11 qualifiedbadger
Natalie - a game about work-life balance 2016-12-09 kenibatz
Last Days of Spring 2 [GxBG][Slice-of-Life] 2016-12-04 sapphdragon
Max Massacre [Free] [Fantasy/Romance] 2016-11-28 Zetsubou
A Kiss For The Petals - The New Generation! [Yuri] 2016-11-25 AXYPB Adult
Elsewhere High - Chapter 1 (FREE!) [Mystery,Drama,OELVN] 2016-11-20 Penholder
Fool's Helper [GxB][Slice-of-Life][RomCom] 2016-11-20 Vagrant-Muffin
Never Forget Me (commercial, otome) 2016-11-19 jack_norton
The Missing Parts of Maria Gwozdek [AsylumJam2016] 2016-11-18 xlomid
Ben and the Devil 2016-11-15 SilverHyena
[Asylum Jam] Don't Take This Risk [Horror, messed up GxB] 2016-11-14 Dreamgazer
Fever☆Dream Saga [BxB][YaoiJam ・ Fantasy] 2016-11-12 fmjaye
Culina: Hands in the Kitchen - Now Available [BxG/BxB] 2016-11-12 netravelr
Vicarwissen [Horror] [Yuri Jam 2016] 2016-11-08 Cannetella
Daemon. First release for an audio novel; please comment 2016-11-06 zkage
To Libertad [Kinetic][Fantasy][YuriJam2016] 2016-11-05 sendo
A Night with Marcella and Arnie (cosplay) 2016-11-04 fleet Adult
Once on a windswept night [yurijam, GxG] 2016-10-31 ebi-hime
Viridescent Dragon: Halloween Special [KN][Advent][Comedy] 2016-10-31 Viridea
Once Upon a Hallow's Eve [GxB] [Romance] 2016-10-31 Ran08
CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ (commercial) 2016-10-30 Chu-3
Demon Dinner Date [Friendship/Short/Fangame] 2016-10-25 UkiTheMaid
One Night Stand 2016-10-21 Kinmoku
[Comedy][Romance][Yandere]Pervert and Yandere-New endings! 2016-10-16 Mammon
Guardian Angel [GXG Romance/Revenge] [16+] 2016-10-11 hedge99
Treasure of a blizzard [Romance][Fantasy](Released in steam) 2016-10-06 Irich5
Divide [Otome][Fantasy][Action] 2016-10-01 yoshibb
Angel In The Dark - Audio/text based [Horror]*Vote On Steam* 2016-10-01 PAldous
Angels & Demigods[SciFi,3D,Voiced,VR(Vive,Gear,Cardboard)] 2016-09-29 bunny.jessican
[Casual] [Steam] [16+] The Herbalist / Travnica / Травница 2016-09-29 iichan_lolbot
Trick & Treat[Romance][Mystery] 2016-09-28 gaians
To Fly [Depression][Cutting][Suicide] 2016-09-27 AsHLeX
Win the princess [GxB] - fantasy 2016-09-23 Sharane
Queen Of Thieves (commercial, RPG/dating sim GxB, GxG) 2016-09-23 jack_norton
PANIC at Multiverse High! [Comedy/Parody] 2016-09-15 AnnieDB
Dear Mariko: Crimson [Short Romantic Horror] 2016-09-15 Coren
Creator NOT! [Comedy][Free to play] 2016-09-09 Imphie
Gochi-Show! [Visual Novel][English][Otome] 2016-09-09 figma
Flower Boy Delight [VN] [GxB] [Short] [Otome][TS3][3D] 2016-09-08 OmgzGirl
Backstage Pass [Otome][Stat-Raising][Commercial] 2016-09-04 sake-bento
This World Unknown [Fantasy, Otome, GxB] 2016-09-02 ebi-hime
Apartment Complex [Point-and-Click][Short][SuNoFes 2016] 2016-09-02 paradigmshifty
PRAY for LOVE | Toward The Stars ★☆[GxB] [18+] [Romance] 2016-09-02 Hoi
Home for the Heart [GxB] [Romance] [Drama] 2016-09-01 Ran08
ʘ_ʘ Put A Sock In It! [Comedy/Fun-tasy/Tragedy?] 2016-09-01 LeonDaydreamer
The Dandelion Girl: Don't You Remember Me? 2016-08-30 SteinersCooking89
SHINRAI - Broken Beyond Despair [Murder Mystery] 2016-08-27 Gospel
Simple As Snow [NaNo][Fantasy][Dark Fairy Tale][KN] 2016-08-27 wyverngem
Voeux [Mystery, Supernatural, Dark | PWYW/Free] 2016-08-25 Avior
Out of Sync [BxB][YaoiJam][Free + Commercial 17+ Release] 2016-08-24 Bto3
Get A Job! [Comedy] [Satire] [commercial] 2016-08-23 Rogue Cactus
ACE Academy - Officially Released 2016-08-22 PixelFade
Akumangel: The Madhouse Swing [Mystery][Noire][Paranormal] 2016-08-21 Tediusman
Requiescence [BxB][Romance][Fantasy] 2016-08-21 Dovahkitteh
The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car [PWYW/Free] 2016-08-19 Camille
The First Star [Otome] [Visual Novel] 2016-08-19 Sailorel
Game of the Gods Volume 1 - A New Beginning 2016-08-12 elpsyco