LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
Scarlet Hollow Episodes 1 and 2 [Horror] [Romance] [Mystery] [LGBTQ+] 2021-06-14 fishghost
-BLACK CHERRIES- [Kinetic Novel] [LGBTQ+] [Horror] [Free] 2021-06-14 tinysamm
Chat & Love [Romance] [Free] [Android] 2021-06-13 BitterSweetGames
Axiom Alternative II [COMEDY][DRAMA] 2021-06-09 Triority
After School Murder Club!! [Comedy/Parody] [Steam] [Free] 2021-06-04 Manwards84
A Warmer Shade of Summer [Full Game Free][Steam][Farming][Romance] 2021-06-03 a_braden
Is Lupin Still Flirting? [LGBT] [Comedy] [Romance] [NaNoRenO] 2021-05-29 Alexis_Royce
Pandemic Love [short] [free] [romance] [dark] [corona] [steam] 2021-05-26 Red_skald
Re-release of The Nine Lives of Nim: Fortune's Fool with fully voiced dialogue 2021-05-25 skybeargames
Vera Blanc and the Identity Thief 2021-05-22 fleet Adult
Pirated Code [short] [free] [scifi] [romance] [comedy] 2021-05-18 HitOrMissy
Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler 2021-05-15 KrunchyFriedGames
Wizard School Woes [Short][Free][Fantasy] 2021-05-14 parttimestorier
Redeliver [Casual] [ Adventure] [Commercial] [Steam] 2021-05-10 nyfarious
The Mother of Pearls [Free][Fantasy] 2021-05-05 midgethetree
After School Murder Club!! [Comedy/Parody} 2021-05-04 Manwards84
My Dear Prince [GxG, comedy, slice of life] 2021-05-01 ebi-hime
Confession Center [NaNoRenO2021] [LGBTQ+] [Romance] [Free] 2021-04-29 tinysamm
Crazy Tales [eng/ger][cards][free] 2021-04-25 Baseliner88
Holy Scam - A fan made game of Novena Diabolos with a turn-based battle 2021-04-24 djinius
How Its Maed [Light Horror] [Experimental] [Spoopy] 2021-04-15 marlonvoiceguy
Pale Cachexia [Gothic Fantasy][Kinetic][Light Horror] 2021-04-14 Dovahkitteh
Muted. [Short][Experimental][Voiced] 2021-04-11 Kokoro Hane
The Mermaid of Zennor [Angst] 2021-04-09 ebi-hime
Canvas Colors: In The Moving City [NaNoRenO 2021] [Fantasy] 2021-04-05 UnfinishedCircl
Friday Night Dinner - [Friday Night Funkin] [Visual Novel] [Free] 2021-04-04 marlonvoiceguy
Contemporary Gods [Mythology][Gender Choice X B/G/NB][NaNo2021] 2021-04-04 ForgetMeNotGames
Appetité Amor - A Food Fantasy Comedy Otome [GxB] [NaNo2021] 2021-04-03 Akua
The Terrible Persistence of Memory [NaNo21][Fantasy][Mystery][NBxNB] 2021-04-02 ashegads
from that moment she neglected the world [NaNoRenO'21][GxG][Fantasy][Xianxia] 2021-04-02 Shinoki
A Monster's Insight [NaNo2021][Horror][Mystery][Sci-Fi] 2021-04-02 Aracade
The Pain They Cause; Devil Gods [Commercial] [High School, Bishoujo, RPG] 2021-04-02 Tekaji
HIKEBACK [Psychological Horror, Surreal, Time Travel] [Free] 2021-04-02 clowndream
My Loving Wife [BxG] [GxG] [Romance, Comedy] [Free] 2021-04-01 Dollarluigi
Snow Angel [NaNoRenO2021][galengames][otome] 2021-04-01 crysil
Vignette [NaNoRenO2021] [Watercress] [KN] [Free] 2021-04-01 TheForeverLoneWolf
Loveless on Lockdown [NaNoRenO2021] [Dating Sim] [Otome Game] [COVID-19] [Free] 2021-04-01 ilyilaice
❆ The Snowdrop Diaries [Nano2021][KN][Gothic, Mystery, Tragedy] 2021-03-29 Keirin17
Romance of Raskya [BxG][Dark Fantasy, Romance, Fictional History] 2021-03-29 BasileusJay
My Catgirl Maid Thinks She Runs the Place [BxG][Romance][Comedy] 2021-03-24 UncleArtie Adult
YKP Challenge [RPS Mini game / Visual Novel] for Android 2021-03-23 stwkun
FANTASTIC POOR VISUAL NOVEL GAME 2021 2021-03-23 ACG Visual Novels
Magical Otoge Iris [GxB][Otome] 2021-03-19 Batensan
Snapshot — A Short Kinetic Visual Novel [Science Fantasy] [Philosophy] [Coming of Age] [MGGJ3] 2021-03-15 madeleinechai
Upcoming VN Summer with You [BxG][NSFW][Romance/Drama] 2021-03-12 Redemyr Adult
Spring Time Excellent Cherry Blossom Fun - Now on [ROMANCE] [LOVE] [PASSION] [UH...MORE PASSION] 2021-03-10 marlonvoiceguy
Very Naked Hamlet: a lite erotica game [NSFW][BxB, GxG, BxG] 2021-03-09 Bryy Adult
Monochrome Valentine - Manga-Style Romance [BxG, Kinetic] 2021-03-05 zankizuna
Jacqueline White and the Phantom Flyer 2021-02-27 Per K Grok
Over The Phone 2021-02-26 pmooredesigner
SoulUnion[Psychological Fantasy][Relationship][Exploration] 2021-02-25 wulfmune
SpaceNET - A Space Adventure: Release on STEAM this weekend! 2021-02-24 sonejo
Vera Blanc and the Unseen Enemy 2021-02-22 fleet Adult
Digital Seclusion [Atmospheric][Kinetic][Metafiction][FREE] 2021-02-17 Zalor
Speed Metal Vimana [Free][Action][Comedy][Super Robots] 2021-02-14 Human Bolt Diary
Deep Sea Valentine [GxG][RPG][Comedy][Commercial] 2021-02-14 Syrale
Ex Astris 09 - Final [GxB][Kinetic][Sci-fi][Free] 2021-02-12 Cera L. Hendry
Karaoke Neighbor (re-release)[Free][Dating sim][Otome][School][Anime] 2021-02-11 Lehxra
Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel is now out 2021-02-05 jack_norton Adult
Gloom and Doom [Commercial] [Fantasy] [Comedy] 2021-02-01 droo_radley
ARTISAN [Young Adult][Thriller] 2021-01-23 AllegraTown
Formerly, A Confession [Short][Slice of Life] [Romance] [Free] 2021-01-23 GoingGoingKeith
'The Zodiac Trial' - Out Now! [PC/Mac, Mystery/Thriller, Commercial] 2021-01-21 Themisian
new vn.... ARCHANGEL:NEMESIS [S1E1] 2021-01-20 rinyaba
Acadia University [Free] 2021-01-17 GammaBreak Adult
The Center of the Universe [Light Fantasy][Platonic][Winterjam 2020] 2021-01-16 ashegads
Violent Psychological Horror - Perseverance: Part 1 2021-01-11 TitaniteGames
Vera Blanc and the Witch of White Springs 2021-01-10 fleet Adult
RE/COUNT RE:VERSE [RPG][SBIG Jam][Voice Acted][FREE] 2021-01-04 Kokoro Hane
White Book Complete Volume [Kinetic Novel/ Fantasy][Free] 2021-01-03 SilverSnow
Save You [Free] [Winter] [Friendship] [School] 2020-12-27 else_th
Darling Duality - Winter Wish [Gender-Neutral('you') x B+G] [Romance] [Urban Fantasy] [Yandere] 2020-12-26 8Laelia8
I Want to Fly [Romance][Free] 2020-12-24 Raharabin
Snowdome [Kinetic] [Genre Shift] 2020-12-22 peripherypro
Black lilies - Eternal Summer[Yuri][Drama][Mystery][PC/steam] 2020-12-14 Lab Man
ALLBLACK -Phase1- [Free to Play][Action][Psychological][Sci-fi][Steam/] 2020-12-08 tiya_nofurita
Sew in Love [Yuri Jam 2020] [Slice of Life] 2020-12-03 LegendEx
Kaleidoscope [Free] [Sci-fi] 2020-12-01 black polar bear
Last Rx. [Beansprout Jam Submission][Drama][SoL] 2020-11-28 tiya_nofurita
To prove to everyone and myself I can become an indie game developer, I made a visual novel with a twist... on Steam! 2020-11-28 BerCh1n
The Flower Arrangement [Romance, Humor][Free] 2020-11-27 waffrus
Kim is a girl [en][fr][free, Non-binary, LGBT, very short, kinetic novel] 2020-11-27 WillandBran
The Moon in Autumn [Language Learning] [Standard Mandarin] [Fantasy] [Historical] 2020-11-23 stockbridgehouse
Fallstreak: Requiem for my Homeland 2020-11-20 Centicerise
Vera Blanc and the Silvermine Specter 2020-11-17 fleet Adult
A fan made game of 'Novena Diabolos' 2020-11-17 djinius
Aisling and the Tavern of Elves [Comedy, isekai, Yuri] 2020-11-08 littleblackbook
How Stories Die[Free][Fantasy][Mystery][BxG] 2020-11-05 MiraiZura
Touhou Gensokyo Visitor 2020-11-01 69Gate
Lurkers [BxB] [Commercial] [mystery] 2020-10-31 Ertal77
Starlight Shores [BxG] [Island-Themed] [Romance] [Now on Steam!] 2020-10-30 DollhouseRose
Red-Handed Robin [Free][Otome][GxB][Fantasy] 2020-10-30 HitOrMissy
The Thought Police Hotline: Episode 1 [Comedy] [Sci-fi] [Political] 2020-10-30 vapidrabbit
Impostor (VN/Audio Drama - free until 00:00 GMT Halloween) [Scream Jam 2020, Psychological Horror, They/Them Pronouns] 2020-10-28 8Laelia8
Crimson Spires [OTOME][ROMANCE][HORROR][GxB][GxG] 2020-10-27 storykween
Indigo + Memory[Magnus Route] [BxB][BL/Yaoi] 2020-10-19 rivars
The Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler [free][browser/download][15+][dark humour] 2020-10-17 KrunchyFriedGames
The Pixelated Monster [free, cardgame, horror, surreal] 2020-10-17 GIPPOplay
Axiom Alternative 2020-10-14 Triority
Cat President 2: Purrlitical Revolution [Comedy, political, cats] 2020-10-13 pfranzen