LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
Dating Sim! Re:Mastered [BxG][Comedy][Free][] 2021-10-26 thebackup
Sword Princess Amaltea - Fantasy Visual Novel in a world where women rule! [Fantasy] [Adventure] 2021-10-21 DiscJokk
Summer Horrordays [Free] [Itch] [Short] [Jam Entry] [Horror] 2021-10-19 JenivereDomino
Melanie [5 minutes] [Psychological] [Free] 2021-10-18 MarkKnappJr
Pippy's Ultimate Quest for Friendship (and Lessons)!!!/PUQFFAL [Free][Kemonomimi][Cute][Slice-of-Life][Sci-fi?] 2021-10-18 MintGlow
Summer In Trigue [GxG] [Visual Novel] [Commercial] 2021-10-17 jack_norton
Henchman Story [BxG] [Superhero, Comedy/Drama] [Commercial] 2021-10-14 Silken Sail
Triclinium [Comedy][Sci-Fi][Free][] 2021-10-11 i-mod
Tales of Misteria [Spooktober 2021][Horror][Comedy][Murder Mystery][PC/Android] 2021-10-08 Ant-san
Clean Slate [Suspense] [Puzzle] [Multiple Endings] 2021-10-08 Blake337
To the Girl With Sunflowers 2021-10-07 Donmai Adult
Meripri - The Tale of The Prince and Mermaid [Fantasy][VN][Linear][Short] 2021-10-07 fatalblue
Sencha Cinmea Society [educational][film][Psychological horror][humor][free][OUT NOW] 2021-10-04 GlassHorse
The Case of the Serialized Killer [Watercolor] [Mystery] [Comedy] [Horror] [BxB] 2021-10-03 Alexis_Royce
Limbo Line [Dark Comedy][Psychological Horror][Mystery][Halloween][Spooktober 2021][Free] 2021-10-02 8Laelia8
Graveyard Girls [GxG] [Halloween] [OUT NOW] 2021-10-01 DollhouseRose
Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II : No Extra Regrets For The Future [Comedy][Drama][CG] 2021-10-01 Triority
Pusoy Dos [Spooktober 2021] [Horror] [Murder Mystery] [Free] 2021-09-30 ilyilaice
Scary Gourmet [Spooktober 2021] [LGBTQ+] [Furry] [Free] 2021-09-30 tinysamm
Dream of Stars - finally released after 10+ years! [romance][sci-fi][] 2021-09-23 inima
The Vamp (18+) - [Mushi] 2021-09-21 Mushi Adult
Find Love or Die Trying - Date or Die on a Killer Dating Show! [Free][Romance][Comedy][LGBT-Friendly][Steam] 2021-09-16 audenjin
The Delusion of Dream [Romance] [Free] [RUS-ENG-JP] 2021-09-07 SlayerGG
At Your Feet 2021-09-06 jack_norton Adult
Cute Bite - Vampire Raising Sim [commercial] 2021-09-03 papillon
A Daydream Away [Slice Of Life] [Short] [Free] [] 2021-09-02 MarkKnappJr
My GF Doesn't Know What I'm Into [Horror] [Slice of Life] [Free] [] 2021-09-01 meiri_
Blake The Visual Novel [Psychological Thriller][Noir][Graphic Novel][Sci-fi][Steam] 2021-09-01 LegendOri
Apartment No.9 BxG Version [Free] [Sunofes Jam 2021] [BxG] [Dark] [Slice-of-life] 2021-09-01 8Laelia8
Jolly Roger [Free] [BL] [Yaoi Jam] [ESP-ENG] 2021-08-29 Ertal77
Struggle for System [Free][Turn-based Combat][Horror] 2021-08-26 hugocornu
Embraced by Autumn [BxG, historical romance] 2021-08-24 ebi-hime
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party [Part 1/4] [Mild horror, comedy, drama, point-and-click, commercial] 2021-08-24 DarkChibiShadow
Winter Dream [Friendship, Romance, Comedy] [Commercial] 2021-08-23 Dollarluigi
Piégée [romance] [fiction] [aventure] [Google Play] 2021-08-21 JeffSevenDee
Space to Grow [Raising Sim][Farming Sim][Sci-fi][Steam][][Android] 2021-08-19 qirien
friends with dogs [relationships][slice of life][coming of age][redemption][dogs] 2021-08-16 Doefeather
Life Can Be Amazing [GxG][Yuri/Slice of Life] 2021-08-10 littleblackbook
Suiyue [O2A2][Short][Free] 2021-08-09 crystalscm
Lola's Adventures [very NSFW] 2021-08-09 Mushi Adult
The Mysteries of Ranko Togawa: Murder on the Marine Express [Mystery][Pixel art][Steam][][Google Play] 2021-08-04 Karrion
Otome Boyfriend - Free Otome - Situation 2021-08-02 ChangLu
Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance [Otome][High School Drama][Steam] 2021-08-01 RocketAdriftGames
Heart Fragment: Book One [Otome][Commercial][Steam] 2021-08-01 heartfragment
The Craft of the Samurai [Short][Steam] 2021-07-29 john_block_
Monster Academy [RPG][Commercial][Steam] 2021-07-27 Not_BigM
Our Toy Box [O2A2] [short] [mystery] 2021-07-21 else_th
Vera Blanc and the Crescent city Mystery - is the stalker a ghost? 2021-07-20 fleet Adult
Vale [O2A2][Free][Short][Fantasy][Tragedy] 2021-07-18 Abyss_Team
The Demon Lord is Mine! [o2a2][otome?][Genderless MC][Voiced][PC/Android/Web] 2021-07-18 Ant-san
Back When [Free][O2A2] 2021-07-16 midgethetree
LUNATICA [Yaoi Jam 2021] [BxB] [Dark] [Free] 2021-07-14 Edsan Games
Game of Love [GxB][Otome][High School Drama][Kinetic] 2021-07-14 Bren
Apartment No.9 [Free] [Otome Jam 2021] [GxB] [Dark] [Slice-of-life] 2021-07-02 8Laelia8
Meme Detective [Free] [Crime] [Comedy] [GxB] [Voice-acted] [Otome Jam 2021] 2021-07-01 else_th
Deliver Us From Evil [otome][gothic][otomeJam2021] 2021-06-30 crysil
"Ibong Adarna" Otome- Common Route [Otome Jam 2021] [GxB][Free] [PC] 2021-06-30 Ant-san
Aria at the Funeraria [Otome Jam 2021] [BxG] [GxG] [Horror] [Free] 2021-06-28 ilyilaice
M.A.I.D.s - available on Steam! [18+] [Comedy] 2021-06-25 facesit-inc
Wildfire - ticket to rock [Coming of age][Slice of life][Music][KN] 2021-06-19 TheDesman
Scarlet Hollow Episodes 1 and 2 [Horror] [Romance] [Mystery] [LGBTQ+] 2021-06-14 fishghost
-BLACK CHERRIES- [Kinetic Novel] [LGBTQ+] [Horror] [Free] 2021-06-14 tinysamm
Chat & Love [Romance] [Free] [Android] 2021-06-13 BitterSweetGames
Axiom Alternative II [COMEDY][DRAMA] 2021-06-09 Triority
After School Murder Club!! [Comedy/Parody] [Steam] [Free] 2021-06-04 Manwards84
A Warmer Shade of Summer [Full Game Free][Steam][Farming][Romance] 2021-06-03 a_braden
Is Lupin Still Flirting? [LGBT] [Comedy] [Romance] [NaNoRenO] 2021-05-29 Alexis_Royce
Pandemic Love [short] [free] [romance] [dark] [corona] [steam] 2021-05-26 Red_skald
Re-release of The Nine Lives of Nim: Fortune's Fool with fully voiced dialogue 2021-05-25 skybeargames
Vera Blanc and the Identity Thief 2021-05-22 fleet Adult
Pirated Code [short] [free] [scifi] [romance] [comedy] 2021-05-18 HitOrMissy
Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler [Dark Humour][Free][Choose Your Own Adventure] 2021-05-15 KrunchyFriedGames
Wizard School Woes [Short][Free][Fantasy] 2021-05-14 parttimestorier
Redeliver [Casual] [ Adventure] [Commercial] [Steam] 2021-05-10 nyfarious
The Mother of Pearls [Free][Fantasy] 2021-05-05 midgethetree
After School Murder Club!! [Comedy/Parody} 2021-05-04 Manwards84
My Dear Prince [GxG, comedy, slice of life] 2021-05-01 ebi-hime
Confession Center [NaNoRenO2021] [LGBTQ+] [Romance] [Free] 2021-04-29 tinysamm
Crazy Tales [eng/ger][cards][free] 2021-04-25 Baseliner88
Holy Scam - A fan made game of Novena Diabolos with a turn-based battle 2021-04-24 djinius
How Its Maed [Light Horror] [Experimental] [Spoopy] 2021-04-15 marlonvoiceguy
Pale Cachexia [Gothic Fantasy][Kinetic][Light Horror] 2021-04-14 Dovahkitteh
Muted. [Short][Experimental][Voiced] 2021-04-11 Kokoro Hane
The Mermaid of Zennor [Angst] 2021-04-09 ebi-hime
Canvas Colors: In The Moving City [NaNoRenO 2021] [Fantasy] 2021-04-05 UnfinishedCircl
Friday Night Dinner - [Friday Night Funkin] [Visual Novel] [Free] 2021-04-04 marlonvoiceguy
Contemporary Gods [Mythology][Gender Choice X B/G/NB][NaNo2021] 2021-04-04 ForgetMeNotGames
Appetité Amor - A Food Fantasy Comedy Otome [GxB] [NaNo2021] 2021-04-03 Akua
The Terrible Persistence of Memory [NaNo21][Fantasy][Mystery][NBxNB] 2021-04-02 ashegads
from that moment she neglected the world [NaNoRenO'21][GxG][Fantasy][Xianxia] 2021-04-02 Shinoki
A Monster's Insight [NaNo2021][Horror][Mystery][Sci-Fi] 2021-04-02 Aracade
The Pain They Cause; Devil Gods [Commercial] [High School, Bishoujo, RPG] 2021-04-02 Tekaji
HIKEBACK [Psychological Horror, Surreal, Time Travel] [Free] 2021-04-02 clowndream
My Loving Wife [BxG] [GxG] [Romance, Comedy] [Free] 2021-04-01 Dollarluigi
Snow Angel [NaNoRenO2021][galengames][otome] 2021-04-01 crysil
Vignette [NaNoRenO2021] [Watercress] [KN] [Free] 2021-04-01 TheForeverLoneWolf
Loveless on Lockdown [NaNoRenO2021] [Dating Sim] [Otome Game] [COVID-19] [Free] 2021-04-01 ilyilaice
❆ The Snowdrop Diaries [Nano2021][KN][Gothic, Mystery, Tragedy] 2021-03-29 Keirin17
Romance of Raskya [BxG][Dark Fantasy, Romance, Fictional History] 2021-03-29 BasileusJay
My Catgirl Maid Thinks She Runs the Place [BxG][Romance][Comedy] 2021-03-24 UncleArtie Adult