LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
The Rest of Our Lives [GxB][Romance][18+][Kinetic] 2019-09-21 UncleArtie
Magistrangers [Comedy][Mystery][Friendship][Experimental][Short][Free] 2019-09-20 IPv6
Mirt [Mystery, Romance] 2019-09-19 MilaOlivson
Morningdew Farms [MxM] [Commercial] [Interactive] [NSFW] [18+] 2019-09-19 ypressgames
They Would Call You Broken [Free] [BxB] [Sci-Fi] 2019-09-06 PastelWolf88
Noonday Descent [Epistolary VN][Christian Theology][Satire][Free] 2019-09-06 novus_rue
Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][All x B] 2019-08-31 Dovahkitteh
Ikimono High: The Visual Novel [BXG][School/Romance/Monster Girls][Free] 2019-08-31 MisterHarold
The Climate Trail - Available Now 2019-08-30 VideoGameVet
Lighthouse of guiding flames [vn][drama][fantasy][thriller] 2019-08-28 Dekimori
Tower of Gloom 2019-08-28 dullachan
Blooming Nightshade [GxG Romance][Free/Donationware] 2019-08-27 Jackkel Dragon
Akash: Path of the Five [otome][fantasy] [romance][humor] 2019-08-23 truantpixel
Sentient dogs fight for social standing VN - Aug 23 release 2019-08-22 quillyquillquill
Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter I [Mystery] [Supernatural] [Detective] [Demo] 2019-08-21 Attic Salt
How do you use renpy? 2019-08-18 lilurz
[LINK FIXED] Time to Smack a Witch! [short film animated with Ren'Py] 2019-08-17 Ivlivs
Kill or Love [Thriller][Mystery][Free] 2019-08-17 Andy Church
Ex Astris 07 [GxB][Sci-fi][Dark][Episodic][Free] 2019-08-15 Cera L. Hendry
Cafe Crush released on Steam! 2019-08-08 thirstyoctopus
The Last Thing That We Do Together [GMTKJam2019][Short][Web] 2019-08-06 verysunshine
Artificial Iridescence - Surreal Visual Novel About Marriage and Sanity Now on & Game Jolt! [Dark] [Free] 2019-08-06 AppSir
Welcome To... Chichester 1 : The Spy Of America And The Long Vacation 2019-08-05 Triority
Lemon [R18][BxG][GxG][Unity] 2019-08-05 SinfulSloth Adult
The Girl and the Angel - A Fable [Short][Supernatural] 2019-08-02 fullmontis
Elf Enchanter: Arousing Anima 2019-08-01 Belgerum Adult
My Burning Heart [BxB, commercial] 2019-07-26 Ertal77
Heaven's Grave [Otome/GxB Commercial Fantasy] 2019-07-26 blackcross12
Stalky, A free Yuri/Mystery VN 2019-07-24 Satamie
Our Mountain {Fantasy X Historical X Romance} 2019-07-23 Neeka
Defenders of Adacan part 1 the Ascent 2019-07-08 Per K Grok
The Dandelion Girl is Back (On Steam)! 2019-07-02 SteinersCooking
Flourish [Wholesome] [Short] [Free] 2019-07-02 robokarla
Devious [dark][creepy][spooky][vampire] 2019-07-02 xxmissarichanxx
ILLUSION [FREE][ENG&KOR][SHORT 20~30min] 2019-07-01 jiefinch
[FREE] The Sly Fox [BxB / BxG] [Friendship or Maybe More] 2019-06-29 Acsis
A Simple Date [Short] 2019-06-27 jaydalyn
The Girl with the Gray Hair Awakens [Atmospheric][Horror][Short] 2019-06-25 Heiden
Sentiments Enneigés [Short, Cute] [EN, FR] 2019-06-18 Nighten
The Lost Smile [Mystery/Noir][Spanish/English][3D][Comic][Mature Themes][Free] 2019-06-14 Matalla
Lovely Hero [Free Episodic Otome Game][Superhero lovers][Android & iOS] 2019-06-13 loveedreams
Courage for a Kiss [BxG][Comedy, Romance][Steam] 2019-06-13 mikolajspy
Hotel Tutwin (FREE) 2019-06-10 beastcarving
Dishelfled-A VN That Teaches...VN's! 2019-06-07 ashegads
Paths Taken [Dating Sim / Royalty / Slice of Life] [Free] 2019-06-06 Mikomi
I ordered a cute child robot (I don't like that term. I'm a household android.) [GBN human X GBN android] [Free] 2019-06-06 cuterobot
ALLBLACK - Chapter 3- [Action][Psychological][Sci-fi][Free] 2019-06-01 tiya_nofurita
missed messages - about life, death, and memes [Free][Romance, Psychological Horror] 2019-05-31 zephyo
Prince of Cats - now available on Steam and 2019-05-31 skybeargames
Minion! Walkthrough 2019-05-31 Mutive
The Language of Love [BxG, Romance, SoL] 2019-05-29 ebi-hime
Miyagi's Shell [Free, short VN] 2019-05-25 SyntheOtaku
[Horror]/[Myster] The Pain They Cause; Devil Gods -Free Edition- 2019-05-23 Tekaji
♥ Eat your heart Valentine! ♥ {Horror}{Short}{Yandere} 2019-05-21 Bunniesovercats
Mee's Adventure [short] [free] 2019-05-20 useless19
The Future is loading... [Short][Friendship][Cute][Free] 2019-05-19 snackpai
Pulse Cage episodes 1-4 (Episode 1 is FREE) 2019-05-17 beastcarving
The Fifth Horseman [NARRATIVE ADVENTURE][RPG][MYSTERY] 2019-05-16 angparodi
ALLBLACK - Chapter 2- [Action][Psychological][Sci-fi][Free] 2019-05-13 tiya_nofurita
Eight Sweets [1960s/Romance/Slice of Life/GxG] 2019-05-13 Katy133
Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach [SHORT][COMEDY][DRAMA][HORROR] 2019-05-13 Triority
Doll [ Free Short VN] [Fairytale] [Completed] 2019-05-11 cervineprince
As We Know It [GxB][GxG][post-apocalyptic|romance|drama][Otome|Yuri|Visual novel] 2019-05-09 Scribbles
Corona Borealis [GxB,GxG, commercial) 2019-05-05 jack_norton
Big Tiddy Goth Girlfriend: A Tale of Romance [BxG, LDJam] 2019-05-05 Godline
Making of Conquerors [GxG][Fantasy/School][Free] 2019-05-04 mabsart
Signed and Sealed With a Kiss [G/B/NBxB][Stat raiser] 2019-05-01 gamerbum
Catacomb Prince [Free] [BxB/G/NB] [Gothic/Comedy/Murder Mystery] 2019-05-01 charliethegoldfish
Le passé dans les veines - Mickael (EN/FR otome game - Android - free) 2019-04-27 Meg'
Artificial Mansion [BxG][Fantasy][Suspense][Romance][Commercial] 2019-04-25 DoubleEdge
Magari ~ Slice of life, Romance VN In Rome~ 2019-04-23 nanna4673
Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPG [Turn Based Combat][Story Rich][RPG][Android] 2019-04-22 KeyboardSan
The Romance Theorem [romance][drama] 2019-04-22 twistypb
Fire Chats [NaNoRenO 2019][Short][Free] 2019-04-21 snackpai
Seven Seasonings [NaNoRenO2019][Fantasy][Trading] 2019-04-21 paradigmshifty
Froot Basket Valentine [romance][comedy][mystery][free] 2019-04-20 xxmissarichanxx
ALLBLACK - Chapter 1- [Action][Psychological][Sci-fi][Free] 2019-04-20 tiya_nofurita
Home's Embrace [Nano2019] [Horror, Romance, GxB, 17+, Partial VO] 2019-04-16 Sunlit-Dreamer
If I Say I Love You [Puzzle][Dating][Short] 2019-04-11 verysunshine
Stroll into Darkness (NanoReno 2019) 2019-04-11 Dreadshadow
My first visual novel "I want to die" 2019-04-11 black polar bear
Red Riding Hood [GxB][FairyTale][Free] 2019-04-10 Ekkoberry
Reverse Robin: Second To Finale [Kinetic][Comedy][Free] 2019-04-10 Kokoro Hane
Umbra Mortis [FREE][Horror][Existential][Dark][Psychological][Sci-Fi] 2019-04-09 incommunicado
Fetch Quest [GxB] [Romance] [Comedy] [Free] [NaNo2019] 2019-04-08 HitOrMissy
Shelled Flame [Visual Novel] [free] 2019-04-08 eilohhs
Welcome To... Chichester Redux : The Spy Of America And The Long Vacation [COMEDY][DRAMA][VIOLENCE] 2019-04-07 Triority
Welcome To... Chichester 2 : The Spy Of Chichester And The Eager Tourist Guide [COMEDY][DRAMA] 2019-04-07 Triority
Flights of Fancy [NaNoRenO2019] [BxB] [GxG] [Psychological] 2019-04-07 ilyilaice
Robot Daycare [Slice of Life, Comedy, Horror] [NaNo2019] [Free] 2019-04-06 Syrale
Alloys Over Flowers [GxB] [Romance] [Otome] [NaNoRenO2019] [Free] 2019-04-06 Elowan
Closing Spaces [BxB][Romance][SchoolLife][Drama][IntRenAiMo'19] 2019-04-06 Sayumi101
Solar Eclipse [Demo/Teaser][Spooky][NaNoRenO2019] 2019-04-06 MC_Moose
My Only Sunshine [Nano2019][GxB, GxG][Sci-Fi,Fantasy][Solar System Otome] 2019-04-05 yoshibb
A Transient Experiment [Drawing] [Friendship] [Unreal] [NaNo2019] [Free] 2019-04-05 Wight
Quest for the Spirit Sphere! [NaNo2019] [Fantasy] 2019-04-04 JenneMK
Do Not Love - Violators Will Be Shot [IntRenAiMo 2019][BxG][Dystopia/Romance][DEMO] 2019-04-04 chaironiichan
Mnemonic Devices [Nano 2019][Free][Sci-fi/Romance][G/B/NBxB] 2019-04-04 minyan
this was for you. [NaNoRenO2019][FREE][Watercress] 2019-04-04 TheForeverLoneWolf
Humanitas [Dark Fantasy] [Free] 2019-04-03 No Fate Productions