LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
Ecchi Sensei [3D Visual Novel] 2018-07-13 BlueCat
Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament [Romance/Fantasy/Mystery][Commercial] 2018-07-10 storykween
Cardinal Cross [sci-fi][STEAM][Commercial] 2018-07-10 Rinmaru
Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn [BxG] [Psychological] [Yandere] 2018-07-08 Sierra Lee
Refinery [KN][GxG][SoL/Drama/Magical Realism] 2018-07-08 Feral Phoenix
Plugin Poetry [Free, Minigame, Open Source] 2018-07-07 qirien
Love Furever - Free Dog Dating Sim 2018-07-04 Mutive
Ariane Eldar's Rock Strip Quiz 2018-07-02 Musick Adult
Jaw Breakers: The Confection Connection [Free, Short, Comedy, Mystery] 2018-07-02 CC_LoreBeast
The final day of Spring [Kinetic, Free] [Fantasy] [EN/ES] 2018-06-27 Adriana72
That Which Binds Us [Modern Fantasy / Mystery / GxB] [Commercial] 2018-06-25 Mikomi
[Epistolary][Mystery] Sylvan Disappearance 2018-06-22 Rastagong
Jacqueline White and the Ghost Pilot 2018-06-22 Per K Grok
Detect: prologue [free][Fantasy | Thriller | Comedy] 2018-06-20 Dekimori
The Summerlands [Free][Pastel Jam 2018][Drama] 2018-06-10 giddygirlgamer
The Wilting Amaranth [GxG/Fantasy] 2018-06-08 gamerbum
[TyranoBuilder] Umichan Sentoryu 2018-06-05 IIJayII Adult
Nova: Synthesis Creaturum [Fantasy|Romance|Comedy][FREE][GxB] 2018-06-01 thestringsofgold
Belong [FREE][GBNxGB][ROMANCE][CUSTOMISIABLE MC] 2018-06-01 click
Project Pastorate [Dark adventure in the land of crime and sin] DEMO INCLUDED 2018-06-01 PsyRob
Renewed Fate 2018-05-31 ArkticArtz
Thrust into Love- A Mara Dating Game [Satire, Comedy, GXB, BxG, Short, Free] 2018-05-31 iamwhatonearth
Valentine's and White Day Live [Free] [LGBT] 2018-05-28 solarProtag
Agent of Love [GxB] IOS/Android Josei, Romance, Mystery, Drama, Commercial 2018-05-20 delusional
Sable's Grimoire [BxG][Magic/Fantasy/Monster Girls] 2018-05-19 Zetsubou
Hermes & Gry: A Crooked Plan [Free] [Fantasy / Dark Humor / Adventure] 2018-05-17 HelloLeo
Love Witches Adult Visual Novel [Commercial] [+18] [Hentai/Yuri/Tentacle/Romance/Maid] 2018-05-15 Izay0i
WORST DATING SIM [BxB, Bara, Comedy???, Romance, Slice Of Life] 2018-05-12 saturday
Love Bites (all combos, commercial, VN) 2018-05-12 jack_norton
[ANDROID UPDATE] Vincit, a faceless rest [Free] [Short, Experimental, Friendship] [FR, ENG] 2018-05-10 Nighten
May [BL, Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life] [Commercial] 2018-05-10 team_spieluhr
Unmoor [Otome] [Romance] [Fantasy] [Steam] 2018-05-04 MariLuzaria
Yandere Simulator Fan Game 2018-05-03 unseenhawk778
Post-mortem of MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate, a short murder mystery VN 2018-05-02 DeeCeptor
Ambrosia's [Friendship Sim, real-time Mystery, optional Romance] 2018-05-01 Dreamgazer
Norilsk 2018-04-27 korytoombs
The Stroke of Midnight [Mystery] 2018-04-27 burnt_offering
AIdol [SoL, friendship, idols] 2018-04-26 ebi-hime
YOU LEFT ME. [Free][Horror/Humor/Surreal][Ludum Dare] 2018-04-25 zephyo
Bisexual Speed Dating! [Free | Comedy | Romance] 2018-04-24 giddygirlgamer
As Vast as the Sea [Ludum Dare] [Free | Short | Yuri | GxG] 2018-04-24 Mikomi
The Pirate's Fate [GxB] [GxG] [Fantasy] [Commercial] 2018-04-22 TF Wright
ToA: Cursed Lands (all combos, commercial, RPG/VN) 2018-04-22 jack_norton
The sky was blue. | [Mental Illness | FREE | Short] 2018-04-17 78909087
Dimension of Monster Girls [BxG][Fantasy][Romance][Commercial] 2018-04-13 DoubleEdge
The Rose of Segunda [GxB] [GxG] [Fantasy] [Commercial] 2018-04-13 blackcross12
reset/you [NaNoRenO 2018, yuri, complete, free] 2018-04-12 zadoorknobs
Curse of the Caribbean [NaNo 2018] [GxB Island Fantasy, Family, Friendship] 2018-04-07 Morishita
Placeholder [Psychological Thriller][Metanarrative][Horror?][Free] 2018-04-06 Davidk
Paper Shakespeare: To Date or Not To Date? [Commercial][Dating][Steam] 2018-04-04 Bryy
Forest Grind VNRPG #NaNoRenO 2018-04-03 zankizuna
Sweet, Sweet Fairytale! [Romance] [Free] 2018-04-02 Fairess
The Asoralite Crystal [NaNo 2018] [Fantasy] 2018-04-02 JenneMK
Crunchy Lunch [Comedy][NaNo 2018] 2018-04-02 YossarianIII
Delusion Gallery [Horror][NaNo 2018] 2018-04-02 Dovahkitteh
Painting Your Skin [Nano2018][Horror][KN] 2018-04-02 Sunlit-Dreamer
Learning in Love! [GxB, GxG, comedy] 2018-04-02 ebi-hime
The Sound of the Rain [Mystery][Romance][KN][NaNo18] 2018-04-01 fullmontis
Tail Me [Otome] [NaNoReNo2018] [IntRenAiMo] 2018-04-01 amaicherii
Bug Fables [Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Romance] 2018-04-01 Genow
Whale's Waldo [romance][travel][Nano18] 2018-04-01 PMscenarios
Mordred [Short KN, gothic suspense, commercial] 2018-04-01 propanoll
Husbando Rater [NaNo 2018] [Parody] 2018-04-01 dyaoka
Imre's Curse: The Prologue [NaNo 2018] [Fantasy] [Kinetic Novel] [GxB] 2018-04-01 LegendEx
so obscure; • [Slice of Life] [Friendship] [NaNo18] 2018-03-31 PeroxidePrince
Her List [NaNoRenO 2018] 2018-03-31 Catlip Candy
Demon King Domination [Nano18, RPG, Fantasy, BxG] 2018-03-29 Belgerum Adult
One Night Standoff! Deluxe Truth or Dare party game 2018-03-21 Bartulisica
The Pretenders Guild (Free/GxB/BxB/Comedy/Customization) (Voice acting coming soon!) 2018-03-19 minyan
Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I [BxB] [+18] 2018-03-18 rivars
Birthday Boyfriend [otome][mad lib] 2018-03-17 dustyotome
Patent9 - Goddess of Trust [Commercial][Mystery][Steam] 2018-03-16 bakamile
Goddess Complex I-V Supreme Edition now for free 2018-03-16 gtswaifuism
A thing that I made about lakes and rivers( not really a game tho) 2018-03-15 AAdmiral
Pure Heart Chronicles volume 1 [Epic Fantasy][Sexy][Comedy][Commercial] 2018-03-10 Arkamsoft
Pizza Lady - Ace Attorney [Free][Humor][Mystery][Whodunit][LGBT] 2018-03-10 PizzaLady
Dear Prince, Sleep Well 2018-03-06 Zodiac_Stories
SORORITY RITES ☠️ Released on iOS / Android 2018-03-05 AppSir
New Visual Novel 2018-03-02 Arkamsoft Adult
A Charming Tale [Strawberry Jam] (BxG/B) 2018-02-28 Red-Baby Adult
Long Nights - alien otome game! [GxB] [GxGenderfluid] 2018-02-28 watto
Through the Screen 2018-02-26 ArizaLuca
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [GxB][GxG] [Commercial] 2018-02-23 blackcross12
Starstorm [BL][Romance][Commercial] 2018-02-23 felisselita
Crossroad [otome] [GxB] [Fantasy] [Commercial] 2018-02-19 Kalanhow
Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze [mystery][comedy][puzzle][commercial] 2018-02-16 sagittaeri
Red Embrace [BxB][Vampires][Romance][Drama] 2018-02-15 Dovahkitteh
Floraverse: Practice Run [Short] 2018-02-14 opaopa13
Palm-of-the-Hand: Carin [Kinetic][Short][Drama] 2018-02-14 BlackMagnolia
ERROR: Human Not Found [Free][Sci-Fi][Puzzle][Steam] 2018-02-14 Dae-Kalina
Valentines otome [GxB][VN][Romance Dating Sim]Walkthrough guide now available 2018-02-13 15385bic
S W E E T D R E A M S (short 5minute vampire VN) 2018-02-08 friend
Dancing with a Beautiful Robot [Free][Undertale fangame] 2018-02-07 khywae
Border of her Heart - VN about border control 2018-02-06 Tuomo_L
Lovely Anemone [Ace Jam Game] [Yuri] [Free] 2018-02-02 LusciousSpirit
Ghost Discoverers [Supernatural][Point-and-Click][Free/Short] 2018-02-02 Sleepy
Your Royal Gayness [LGBT+][Humor][Steam] 2018-01-28 Aviala
My Life as a Maiden [BxG][Slice of Life][Romance][Commercial] 2018-01-26 DoubleEdge
The Mind's Eclipse [SciFi] [Exploration] [Dark] 2018-01-25 themindseclipse
The Villaintine [Free, GxB, Otome/Friendship] 2018-01-23 niannn