LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
Love is War (Remake) [GxB][Comedy, Romance][School][Gunfight][Catfight] 2023-12-02 RizVN
Don't Die Digging - Yuri/Shonen Visual Novel 2023-11-29 TheAlpar
Arthur & Susan: Almost Detectives [Mystery][Comedy][Detectives] 2023-11-25 apexchimps
ATTACK ON KISS - parody, comedy, school life, mystery 2023-11-23 ChangLu
Hayase Yuuka Love is War [Blue Archive Fangame][Comedy, Romance] 2023-11-23 RizVN
Little Green Girl - 1st Episode [school][romcom][slice of life][drama][free] 2023-11-21 moonfork
Emm1.r [Free] [Thriller] [Drama] 2023-11-20 Ayane
A Tale of Two Sisters [OnceUponATimeVNJam][Fantasy][Mystery] 2023-11-17 JQ37
Sweet Science [scifi],[romance],[funny] 2023-11-16 thelastsecret
Gods of the Twilight [Cyberpunk] [Fantasy] 2023-11-14 aemixx
Night's Light [Psychological Horror] [Free] 2023-10-31 TimmyzFTW
Free ADW:Villains Heart Isekai RPG/VN finished 15 Endings 2023-10-29 wulfmune
The Deity Machine: Mother [FREE][Vampires][Fantasy Horror] 2023-10-23 rosemask22
Grandes Pyramides [june 2021] [Free] [French] - Educational visual novel about great pyramids of Egypt 2023-10-23 visualwebnovel
Coelacanth [Psychological Horror] [Free] 2023-10-22 Sugar-Junkie
Goblet of Mercy [Spooktober Jam 2023] [Free] Meet a vampire queen. Try to survive the experience. (Now on Steam) 2023-10-06 ketskari
Burdock [Spooktober Jam 2023][Dark Fairytale][Free] 2023-10-05 Widdershins
Tunnel Vision [Spooktober Jam 2023] [Psychological Horror] [Mystery] [Companionship GxB/BxG/GxG/BxB] [Free] 2023-10-05 8Laelia8
Crossroads [Dream] [Friendship] [Slice of Life] [Free] 2023-10-02 danyasilvian
Serial Killers Anonymous [Spooktober Jam 2023] [Horror] [LGBT] [Free] 2023-10-01 ilyilaice
4th [Free][BxG][Sci-Fi][Mystery] 2023-09-22 noi3asyh
[Steam] [Short] [BxG] My Ex Sister in Law 2023-09-13 Yukari
Band Camp Boyfriend [GxB] [Otome] [Comedy] [Drama] [Thriller] 2023-09-10 Xandra
*DELETED* 2023-08-31 Marion34
"Last Resort" will be released on August 28! 2023-08-26 alexey izimov
Roses in the Thorns [FREE][SuNoFes2023][Fantasy][War] 2023-08-23 rosemask22
PRETTYBOY Inc is Hiring! [Velox Fabula Jam][Free][Psychological] [Mystery] [Surreal] 2023-08-17 thetiredone
Koyamachou Watch Repair Shop [Slice of life] [Science fiction] 2023-08-16 Wandeer
Andy & Rob Presents!: "Andy & Rob Vs. A Brave New World" 2023-08-13 ChiCityFog
VIDEOVERSE 2023-08-10 Kinmoku
Facing it - A Visual Novel About Loss (made for O2A2) 2023-08-03 Epschy
Do you like sweets? - A O2A2 entry 2023-07-30 gakemo
bad delivery [Free] [O2A2 2023 Jam] [Comedy] 2023-07-29 niho
The Vulture [O2A2 2023 Jam] [FREE] 2023-07-24 rosemask22
Space Cargo Hauler - The Visual Novel [Short] [Free] [Comedy] [Browser] [Sci-Fi] 2023-07-14 Calamitous
As One [Browser] [Mystery] [Short] [Escaperoom] [Experimental] 2023-07-13 chained-raven
Grand-Nya [JoseiJam][GxG] 2023-06-30 timepatches
Silhouette [Otome Jam 2023][BxG][Free] 2023-06-28 chocobikies
Duskbound [Otome Jam 2023] [Gothic] [Free] 2023-06-27 nefferinthia
Akasha Academy [Free] [Non-Commercial] [Slice of Life] 2023-06-18 KarnaDev
Karaloki [FREE][Sci-fi/Horror] 2023-06-14 rosemask22
Long Since The Eschaton [Josei Jam 2023] 2023-06-10 azureXtwilight
University Love (VN) 2023-06-06 TheCodingAvian
Midnight Witch - can you defeat the Witch? [Free][BxG][Mystery][Horror][Steam] 2023-05-31 Bren_MW
SHADOW PURSUIT [visual novel] [Linux] [macOS] [Windows] 2023-05-31 PixelDreamer
Vivian Carmine [Mystery][Steam] 2023-05-29 Handitinerary
Would you help me draw a picture? [free] [horror] [PC] [Web] [Mystery] 2023-05-27 Slavomir
Rosetta and the Well [Horror] [Dark Fantasy] [Gothic?] [Free] [PC] [Web] 2023-05-15 Photon
Apricity [otome] [GxB] [voiced] [free] [Otome & Josei Jam] 2023-05-15 else_th
Retrocausality | [Time Travel] [Science Fiction] [Mystery] 2023-05-05 ThanatosAwaits
Sweet Mellow-Di [FREE][Pastel Game Jam 2023] 2023-04-29 rosemask22
Welcome To... Chichester OVN Omnibus 2023-04-25 Triority
Yudashi Peril: Floraison [GXG][Psychological][Drama][Supernatural Mystery][Sci-Fantasy][Mature Themes][][Free] 2023-04-08 yon
VIOLA - Robot Interrogations! [FREE][BROWSER] 2023-04-06 DFlimbingo
An Adventurer's Gallantry [Free] [Fantasy/Comedy] 2023-04-05 Zetsubou
Spirits of Limbo [NaNoRenO 2023] [Romance] [Bartender Minigame] [Free] 2023-04-05 ilyilaice
UPLOAD: The Hint [Dedective, Crime, Cyberpunk, Free] 2023-04-04 SaskinNonGrata
The Deity Machine: The Perfect Specimen [FREE][Vampires][Medical/Fantasy Horror] 2023-04-02 rosemask22
Nadine's Fairytale [KN] 2023-04-02 Sweet
Fashion Contract [GxG][Nudity][Yuri][Slice of life] 2023-03-31 tayu___yu Adult
Lovers in Playa Rosa [Yuri/Slice of Life] 2023-03-29 littleblackbook
★ DemiDato: Monster Dating Show [Comedy][Romance][LGBTQ+] 2023-03-15 timepatches
Ninisanni Scenario 2023-03-10 dullachan
Eat your heart Valentine 2 [Free][Semi-horror] 2023-03-09 Bunniesovercats
Kollege Black [FREE][DEMO] 2023-03-07 nightfowl stories
Musical Dream Note [Slice of Life] [Free] 2023-03-05 RYFND
Bitter/Sweet Blythe [Yandere] [Pick MC's Pronouns] [Pick LI's Voice] [Slice-of-Life] [Psychological Horror] [Free] 2023-03-01 8Laelia8
Road [Dark Comedy] [Thriller] [FREE] 2023-02-27 MilaOlivson
Royal Duality [Dark Fantasy] [FREE] 2023-02-18 rosemask22
The Beastmaster Princess (commercial, GxG, BxG) 2023-02-16 jack_norton Adult
Fantasia : At Regime's End [Otome, Yuri, FREE] 2023-02-13 azureXtwilight
Fishly Affection [Free] [Comedy] [Dating-sim] [LGBTQIA+] [Ongoing Series] 2023-02-13 WormsBestie
The Missing Parts of Maria Gwozdek [dark fantasy][horror][free] - please help me get 10 Steam reviews! 2023-02-13 xlomid
Three Lilies and Their Ghost Stories [Free] [GxG] [Supernatural] [Anthology] [Kinetic] 2023-02-02 puffinlady
Ai SimDate release! [FREE][simulation][complete][quests][dating] 2023-01-28 minimix
no life 2023-01-27 friend
Vera Blanc and the Queen of Kor (3D art) 2023-01-21 fleet Adult
Tastes like Coffee [Free][Simulation] 2023-01-19 daniople
The Rising Sun, Falling Waves [Free] [Murder Mystery] [Itchio] 2023-01-17 shiolily
Lilith wants to buy your soul [Free] [Experimental] 2023-01-14 MangoMango
Hoping This Finds You Well [Free][BxB][Romance] 2023-01-08 Alexis_Royce
Beneath Her Starry Sky [Adventure][Comedy][Fantasy][Steam] 2023-01-04 Calamity Kitz
Hussler-1 [Sci-fi] [Horror] 2023-01-04 Kozelek
Bobok [Based On A Novel] [Horror] [Short] [Steam] [itch] 2023-01-03 Secta
Operation Cream Cake [Text Adventure, WWI] 2023-01-02 Tristan de lArkadien
The Last of the Lords of Ice [Romance] [Free] [Gothic Horror] 2023-01-02 ketskari
Christmas Leave [BxG, historical, WWI] 2023-01-02 Tristan de lArkadien
ONYX ~separate dream~ [Free] [Psychological Horror] 2023-01-01 lunamoon
Alien - a short visual novel (free) 2022-12-30 ElvenNeko
Alaskan Winter Sky [Free] [Fully Voiced] [Romance] [NVL] 2022-12-29 Yukari
VOICE [VN][Adv][Dystopia][Steam] - Now English version available 2022-12-20 wtfman
Netghost - A Crime Drama Visual Novel [itch] 2022-12-18 Phoivos_Syros
Crochet Cavalcade out now! 2022-12-17 GameGWL Adult
Flora and Sauna [18+][Furry][LGBTQ+][Kinky][Vore][Free Demo] 2022-12-13 Obcerd Adult
Sachiko and Maya: Friends in the Countryside [AI-created][Free] 2022-12-12 infructescence
Nilspace [VN][RPG][Steam] (6 Years in the Making) 2022-12-03 1LookGames
Sweetest Monster Refrain [BxG, unending agony, commercial] 2022-12-03 ebi-hime
The Soul of the White Dragon[VN][itch] 2022-11-30 Eriqa Queen
VTuber Connect [Free][BxG] 2022-11-23 Verum
Night and Day [BxB, commercial] 2022-11-13 Ertal77