LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
Hentami: The Thousand Halls (NSFW) 2017-05-28 Hentami
Superspy Steve 1.0 General Release 2017-05-26 jwilliams77 Adult
OMEGA PATTERN[Thriller][Supernatural] 2017-05-26 borokai
Sierra's Games: The Last Sovereign, Ouroboros, Noxian Nights 2017-05-25 Sierra Lee Adult
Walkerman, Act 1: Welcome to Midgard [Fantasy][Commercial] 2017-05-22 Scalemail
[Ren'Py] BabeRunner (Demo) 2017-05-22 xela Adult
[Flash][18+] Chibi Stepsister Corruptor 2017-05-18 Tlazolteotl Adult
[Flash][18+] Chibi Stepsister Corruptor 2017-05-18 Tlazolteotl
GWL Adult visual novel with animated sex 2017-05-17 HayleyPetHarley Adult
Amber's Magic Shop (commercial otome, yuri, poly) 2017-05-17 jack_norton
First kiss at a spookie soiree [Lethal cuteness][GxG] 2017-05-16 DrSchizo
Tomboys Need Love Too! [BxG][Commercial] 2017-05-12 Zetsubou
Eli 2017-05-10 Adde
Stay! Stay! DPRK [Parody][Commercial] 2017-05-09 Valmore
Eyas [Free][Animals][Short] 2017-05-08 bluebirdplays
The Privateer and the Governor's Niece (cross platform) 2017-05-06 fleet Adult
Our Home. [NaNoRenO2017][FREE][GxG][Drama][5-StudioCollab] 2017-05-06 TheForeverLoneWolf
Plain [Romance/  🕝 Time-Travel 🕦 /GxG/FREE] 2017-05-06 minyan
No Other Medicine [Friendship][TyranoBuilder Game Jam] 2017-05-06 parttimestorier
Lily of the Valley [tragedy] 2017-05-06 ebi-hime
Blind Men [BxB] [Comedy/Action] [Commercial] 2017-05-05 KillerQueen
Neighbouring islands 2017-05-03 BAD_team
MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate [Murder Mystery][Gothic] 2017-05-02 DeeCeptor
Let's MEAT Adam [BxB, Bara, Thriller, Mystery] FULL GAME OUT 2017-05-01 illuminate001
If One Thing Changed [FREE][Feelings] Disclaimer added 2017-04-30 kahmehkahzeh
This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE] 2017-04-29 Agashi
Blossoms Bloom Brightest [Sci-fi][GxG][Free] 2017-04-28 gamerbum
Disencounters [BxG][Free] 2017-04-26 charliesan763
Beyond the Deep [LD38] 2017-04-26 Godline
.help [Free] [Chatroom Sim] [Ludum Dare] 2017-04-25 Mikomi
AW?WB?? [GxB] [FREE] [OTOME] [FIL/ENG] 2017-04-24 zhaie
England Exchange [G/B x G/B] [Commercial] 2017-04-19 papillon
[BxG,Romance, Episodic, Commercial] Games&Girls 2017-04-19 Yukari
</reality> [Sci-fi][Fantasy][Philosophy][Commercial] 2017-04-19 RedOwl
The Falconers: Moonlight [Supernatural/Thriller][Commercial] 2017-04-18 Divona
Succubi Don't Do Housework [VN, Fantasy, RomCom, FxF][Free] 2017-04-11 mabsart
BLACK [Free][Eerie][Horror?][Late NaNo17][18+] 2017-04-07 schivafrecce
Song About Winter and Spring [Fantasy][Fairytale][Nano16] 2017-04-07 M0ti
Poker Cheat [Noir][NaNo17] 2017-04-06 petejohnwilson
Transport Troubles [NaNo17][Sci-fi][GxG] 2017-04-05 SiliconYak
Sweet fantasy[GxG] [Yuri][commercial][comedy] 2017-04-04 salamandra88art
AIRIS [GxB/G/N] [Otome | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Mystery] NaNo17 2017-04-04 Windchimes
Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free] 2017-04-04 Dicesuki
A Thief in the Night [Horror][NaNo2017] 2017-04-04 charliesan763
Moonlight Crossing [Nano17] [Kinetic | Fantasy] 2017-04-03 AoriRadidjiu
Summer Paradise Redux [GxB, Philippines] [NaNo17] 2017-04-03 pinqo
Pairs [Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Romance] [NaNo17] 2017-04-03 pyopyon
Nobody Understands MIA [Cyberpunk][Puzzle][Comedy][NaNo17] 2017-04-03 kenibatz
Elsewhere High [mystery] is now on steam! 2017-04-02 Penholder
B.A.T. [Simulation, Drama, Comedy | NaNo 2017] 2017-04-02 Avior
Straight Up: Sister-zoned![GxB][Romance][NaNo'17] 2017-04-02 Sayumi101
My Magical Divorce Bureau!! [Comedy|Match Matching] NaNo17 2017-04-01 Googaboga
Undine [SciFi][NaNo17][Romance?][Horror?] 2017-04-01 theabarnes
Trauma in the Suburbs: A VigNette [Drama][Free] 2017-04-01 sgt_pugs
Humanity Must Perish [Comedy/Philosophy][Steam Greenlight] 2017-04-01 Zetsubou
Best Romance Game Ever [AprilFools][NaNoReno2017technically] 2017-04-01 VAPMichaelaLaws
Lost Before Darkness [Survival][Mystery][NaNo 17] 2017-04-01 chrooke
Return of Olympus [Magical Girl | Slice of Life | NaNo17] 2017-03-31 Tintenseher
Stalker&Yandere [Yandere][Romance?][NaNo17] 2017-03-31 Mammon
Mahou no mori to jinja no Miko [Eroge][Fantasy][BxG][Nano17] 2017-03-31 EscapistHowl
What's Your Name? [GxB, Romance, Horror, Dark Fantasy, 2017] 2017-03-31 Sunlit-Dreamer
The Crossroads [Modern, Romance GxB, Supernatural][NaNo17] 2017-03-30 Harliqueen
Gulam [NaNoRenO 2017] 2017-03-30 Aracade
A Question Of Normalcy ~Contemporary VN~ (First Route) 2017-03-30 nanna4673
Where the Sun Always Shines [SoL, friendship, NaNo17] 2017-03-29 ebi-hime
Your Maid!!!!!! 2017-03-28 friend
Encanto [Fairytale][Fantasy][NaNoRenO 2017] 2017-03-28 Catlip Candy
Insatiable Creatures [Kinetic Thriller][NaNo17] 2017-03-28 PB&Jelly
White Worm [Kinetic][Horror][Free] 2017-03-27 fullmontis
Sounds of Her Love [Romance][BxG] 2017-03-25 ds-sans
A Hand in the Darkness [BxB, commercial] 2017-03-24 Ertal77 Adult
Culinary Kakkoii [Visual Novel][Comedy][Free] 2017-03-21 GissyEva
Yozora Rhapsody [BxG/Romance/Steam/Commercial] 2017-03-20 Yukari
Ex Astris 05 [GxB][Kinetic][Sci-fi][Free] 2017-03-16 Cera L. Hendry
Metamorphoser [BxB, Horror, Trans protag, Commercial] 2017-03-14 zadoorknobs Adult
[Sharing] 00: Game 1 - amateur mystery Visual Novel flash ga 2017-03-10 vnplayer
Moonlight Virgin [Otome][FREE][Online + Download] 2017-03-05 Sonya
Cinderella's Spark [Visual Novel] [Fantasy] [Free] 2017-03-04 jellybi
Colette and Becca [PWYW, KN, Friendship] 2017-02-27 Caveat Lector
10 Days Away [Visual Novel] 2017-02-27 Sailorel
After Guardian Angel: A Kinetic Novel [Remake] [FREE] 2017-02-25 zhaie
The Year Without Summer [Very Short][Custom VN Engine][Free] 2017-02-24 Keric
Prelude, a new and hilarious escape game 2017-02-24 Ewald
Herald: An Interactive Period Drama [Historical Drama] 2017-02-23 NickW
A Not-So-Bloody Tale [Historical] 2017-02-22 masachika
Mob's Trip to the Dairy Farm [kinetic][Mob Psycho 100] 2017-02-22 kaybdoodles
"A Date with Markiplier"-The Ren'py Version! [BxPlayer] 2017-02-22 Ryu-Gi
Entschuldigung [Horror][Psychological][Thriller][WW1][Steam] 2017-02-17 crimsonnight
Her Lullaby [Horror, Psychological, Mystery, Drama] 2017-02-16 Pommy
Yozora Rhapsody [BxG/Hentai/Commercial] 2017-02-15 Yukari Adult
WHoCDASoC [BxB][BL][Gintama][anime fanfiction][VN] 2017-02-15 aeri
Of Ice & Snow [Drama] [Fantasy] [Romance] 2017-02-15 pyopyon
Animal Lover, A New Otome Game! 2017-02-14 trainwreckgames
Pastel Rain[GxB][Romance][School Life][Drama][Free] 2017-02-14 Sayumi101
I Want Your Cookies: VDay Special [Free][Romance][Comedy] 2017-02-13 sgt_pugs
Alien Interceptor 2017-02-13 wtfman
Amazing! Click to find out more! [clickbait thriller][twine] 2017-02-12 qualifiedbadger
A Blue Horizon - Prologue 2017-02-07 Mobeeuz
Sweetest Monster [BxG, commercial] 2017-02-06 ebi-hime
The Sickness Unto Death [Comedy][Satire][Free-to-play] 2017-02-03 sgt_pugs