LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
These nights in Cairo [GxB][VN] Adventure,otome,mysticism, romance, 16+[Commercial] 2017-10-17 salamandra88art
How to Fool a Liar King (otome, cute, fantasy, nekomimi, commercial) 2017-10-16 Chu-3
The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1 [GxB/G][Comedy] 2017-10-09 gamerbum
Jake's Love Story [BxG][Slice-of-life/Comedy/Romance] Now on Steam! 2017-10-06 mikolajspy
minor fall MAJOR LIFT [Short][Romance][Free][Text][Gay] 2017-10-04 isak grozny
miraclr - Divine Dating Sim [Free][BxB, GxB][Otome][Comedy] 2017-10-03 storykween
soundless - A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA - [Horror][Denpa][Kinetic][GxG][Free] 2017-09-30 puffinlady
Lonely Afternoons out now [Romance x SoF] 2017-09-25 shikinamiS
Doki Doki Literature Club! [BxG] Free Download 2017-09-23 TS_Dan
Mi Media Naranja (Free) 2017-09-15 Macave
Bunka no Kenkyu -Revival of Queen Leyak - (Horror) 2017-09-15 Wittmann
Flamel's miracle[Romance] 2017-09-15 madbunnie13
[redacted] Life: End State [SuNoFes][Free][Horror][Psychological][Fangame] 2017-09-14 Norbez
England Exchange - now with nude patch 2017-09-11 papillon Adult
I woke up next to you again. [Romance / Psychological Horror][Free] 2017-09-10 zephyo
In Front of Me [Harem] [TS4] [BxG] [Romance] [Free] 2017-09-08 OmgzGirl
Ryback in the Woods (WWE Dating Sim) 2017-09-05 olivia324
Amplitude[MYSTERY, GXB,BXG, COMEDY][STEAM][] 2017-09-05 Xerofit51
Alice in Neverland [Adventure/Fantasy] NOW ON ITCH.IO 2017-09-04 Neeka
XOXO Droplets [Otome Dating Sim][Comedy][Free/Paid] 2017-09-01 Googaboga
The Heart of Tales [GxB/Fantasy] SuNoFes 2017 2017-09-01 Katy133
Nanairo [SuNoFes 2017] [Short] [Free] [Gen] 2017-08-31 timepatches
Bai Qu [astonishing CG][urban fairytale][furry ears][now on steam] 2017-08-29 magentafairy
The Way Home [Short][FREE][Mystery][GHOSTS] 2017-08-27 needchocolatenow
Shigatari [Samurai] [RPG] - Steam Release 2017-08-26 ukiyoefan
Pinewood Island [otome][GxB][mystery|horror|romance] COMPLETE! 2017-08-25 Scribbles
String of Fates [Free][Romance] 2017-08-25 reddlark
SRRT! [Comedy][Sci-Fi] 2017-08-22 YossarianIII
Day 366 [Post Apocalyptic Game Jam] [Short Noncommercial] 2017-08-19 LegendEx
Lona: Realm of Colors 2017-08-16 alileo
Birch Sapling [Free][Friendship] 2017-08-15 quinnsea
Battle Live! School of Idols [Free] [Sim] 2017-08-14 solarProtag
Genie, Western Suspense VN [Traditional Art][Pseudo-Victorian][Black & White][Short] 2017-08-13 Alem
The Tavern - dark fantasy RPG/Visual Novel hybrid 2017-08-06 Aureus
Lights Out [RPG Horror Homage] [LD39] [Free] 2017-08-06 Mikomi
[v0.1] The Pleasuremancer ! - 18+ adult / absurd fantasy game 2017-08-05 Mirrodin Adult
Cycle [Free] [Mystery] [BxB?] 2017-07-31 Noekony
The Letter [Horror/Drama] - OUT NOW ON STEAM! 2017-07-26 Yangyang Mobile
Connected Hearts [Mystery][Fantasy] 2017-07-24 gaians
Golem Creation Kit [Fantasy, Humour] Out on Steam 2017-07-22 Winterslice
Demon and Heart : Prototype [Supernatural] [Short] [Free] 2017-07-20 Necivo
LAST CALL • [Drama] [Short] [Free] 2017-07-19 PeroxidePrince
A Simple Note: Short Visual Novel on Bullying 2017-07-18 taupah
Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale [RPG][Voiced] 2017-07-16 Kokoro Hane
The Prince of Angels (Short Story/Free) 2017-07-15 sourcereal
Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club [GxB, Comedy, Free] 2017-07-13 Cheratomo
Tell a Demon [1920s, Fantasy][Love, Loss & Vengeance] 2017-07-13 ketskari
By Proxy [Sci-fi, Horror] [Free] 2017-07-10 OliveBug
Die. Alone? [Thriller] - Entry for Games-Made-Quick 2017-07-09 niannn
Exit/Corners [Mystery] [Puzzle] [Free] - Ep. 8 Now Available 2017-07-03 Percon
Tourist Trap [Sci-Fi] [Comedy] [Adventure] [Short] 2017-07-02 Venom Wolf
SECOND CHANCE [GxB] - full free version is now out! 2017-07-01 Aurora22
Inverness Nights [BxB/historical fantasy] [commercial] 2017-06-30 kitsubasa
The Night He Met a Sidhe (3D art, cross platform) 2017-06-28 fleet Adult
Super Army of Tentacles 3 The Search for Army 2 [Commercial] 2017-06-28 Bryy
Starry Dreams [Slice of Life / LGBT] [Free] 2017-06-27 Mikomi
Keynote [GxB] [Free] 2017-06-27 niannn
The Other Question 2017-06-26 Donmai
߷2߷2߷2 Date A Fidget Spinner 2߷2߷2߷ 2017-06-24 qualifiedbadger
Sorority Sister Sleuths: London Calling 2017-06-21 Quester
The Only One Girl { First Quarter } [Voiced][GxB][Free][+Survey] 2017-06-13 Kokoro Hane
Essence Hunt [BxB] [Fantasy] 2017-06-11 SilverHyena
❤߷❤ Date a Fidget Spinner ߷❤߷ 2017-06-10 qualifiedbadger
Lady or the Tiger (Short suspense game) 2017-06-07 Eddeha
Beneath a Broken Mirror - [Drama, Suspense][Long][Free] 2017-06-05 Reiirin
Chemical Alarm [Fan Novel][Unofficial spin-off][Short][Free] 2017-06-02 team_spieluhr
Hentami: The Thousand Halls (NSFW) 2017-05-28 Hentami
Superspy Steve 1.0 General Release 2017-05-26 jwilliams77 Adult
OMEGA PATTERN[Thriller][Supernatural] 2017-05-26 borokai
Sierra's Games: The Last Sovereign, Ouroboros, Noxian Nights 2017-05-25 Sierra Lee Adult
Walkerman, Act 1: Welcome to Midgard [Fantasy][Commercial] 2017-05-22 Scalemail
[Ren'Py] BabeRunner (Demo) 2017-05-22 xela Adult
[Flash][18+] Chibi Stepsister Corruptor 2017-05-18 Tlazolteotl
[Flash][18+] Chibi Stepsister Corruptor 2017-05-18 Tlazolteotl Adult
GWL Adult visual novel with animated sex 2017-05-17 HayleyPetHarley Adult
Amber's Magic Shop (commercial otome, yuri, poly) 2017-05-17 jack_norton
First kiss at a spookie soiree [Lethal cuteness][GxG] 2017-05-16 DrSchizo
Tomboys Need Love Too! [BxG][Commercial] 2017-05-12 Zetsubou
Eli 2017-05-10 Adde
Stay! Stay! DPRK [Parody][Commercial] 2017-05-09 Valmore
Eyas [Free][Animals][Short] 2017-05-08 bluebirdplays
The Privateer and the Governor's Niece (cross platform) 2017-05-06 fleet Adult
Our Home. [NaNoRenO2017][FREE][GxG][Drama][5-StudioCollab] 2017-05-06 TheForeverLoneWolf
Plain [Romance/  🕝 Time-Travel 🕦 /GxG/FREE] 2017-05-06 minyan
No Other Medicine [Friendship][TyranoBuilder Game Jam] 2017-05-06 parttimestorier
Lily of the Valley [tragedy] 2017-05-06 ebi-hime
Blind Men [BxB] [Comedy/Action] [Commercial] 2017-05-05 KillerQueen
Neighbouring islands 2017-05-03 BAD_team
MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate [Murder Mystery][Gothic] 2017-05-02 DeeCeptor
Let's MEAT Adam [BxB, Bara, Thriller, Mystery] FULL GAME OUT 2017-05-01 illuminate001
If One Thing Changed [FREE][Feelings] Disclaimer added 2017-04-30 kahmehkahzeh
This, My Soul [GxB][SciFi][Romance][Drama][Nano17][COMPLETE] 2017-04-29 Agashi
Blossoms Bloom Brightest [Sci-fi][GxG][Free] 2017-04-28 gamerbum
Disencounters [BxG][Free] 2017-04-26 charliesan763
Beyond the Deep [LD38] 2017-04-26 Godline
.help [Free] [Chatroom Sim] [Ludum Dare] 2017-04-25 Mikomi
AW?WB?? [GxB] [FREE] [OTOME] [FIL/ENG] 2017-04-24 zhaie
England Exchange [G/B x G/B] [Commercial] 2017-04-19 papillon
[BxG,Romance, Episodic, Commercial] Games&Girls 2017-04-19 Yukari
</reality> [Sci-fi][Fantasy][Philosophy][Commercial] 2017-04-19 RedOwl