LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
A Wave of Lights [Light GL, Free, Kinetic] 2020-08-09 TabbbyWright
The Fairy's Song [GxG, fantasy] 2020-08-07 ebi-hime
Synchronized Clocks [BxG][Voice Acted][SuNoFes2020][FREE] 2020-08-04 Kokoro Hane
Dinosauria - [Free, Book, Visual] 2020-08-03 ahmetkara
Date in a Toaster - 100% OFF Until August 7th 2020! [GxB][Interactive Fiction][Commercial] 2020-08-01 heathertendre
[PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR] Won't You Stay? Visual Novel Game Full Game Finally Released! [FREE TO PLAY] 2020-08-01 littlemissyotome888
Sable's Grimoire: A Dragon's Treasure [BxG, Fantasy, Magic, Monster Girls] 2020-08-01 Zetsubou
Polygons: A Multi-Sided Love Story [Parody][Romance][Free] 2020-07-31 Bloodynewmoon
Missing Time [Dating][Horror][Utsuge] 2020-07-29 FlutteringAbyss
Blankspace [Mystery/Puzzle/Escape Room/Point-and-click][Mature Themes][BxG][Commercial] 2020-07-25 Nayru774
Runicca - Episode 1 - Now Available! 2020-07-25 beerbrew Adult
Moon Archer Shooting Stars [Yuri][Kinetic][Free] 2020-07-24 Shinoki
Fujiwara BitterSweet [GxB/Slice of Life/] 2020-07-17 Karamelow
Secrets Untold [Fully Voiced Kinetic Novel] 2020-07-14 LegendEx
Project: Perfectly Normal {BxB} {Action} {Comedy} 2020-07-13 sonnenblumen
Volleyball Heaven (GxG, Commercial) 2020-07-11 jack_norton
The Light at the End of the Ocean [Friendship][Ontological Mystery][Point-and-Click][Commercial] 2020-07-05 parttimestorier
TITAN | Visual Novel [Mystery][Suspense][FREE] 2020-07-01 vifer
Café Rouge 2020 [Otome, GxB] 2020-07-01 Sonya
Diary: The Naked Truth (Your Experience) [FREE] [GxB] | [Mobile game] 2020-06-30 beastcarving
The Warmth Between Us [Modern][Romance][Steam][Localized] 2020-06-25 peripherypro
Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II : No Regrets For The Future [Comedy/Drama/Action/FMV] 2020-06-23 Triority
Bride for the Princess[GxG][+18] [Dating] [Fantasy] [VN] 2020-06-23 Tuomo_L Adult
Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf [BxG, Fantasy, Magic, Monster Girls] 2020-06-20 Zetsubou
Apprehend;Girlfriend [GxG, Yuri, Steam] 2020-06-16 Yukari
Eldritch University [Horror][GxG][Commercial] 2020-06-12 Jackkel Dragon
White Rabbit: Royal Scheduler 2020-06-12 skybeargames
A List of Visual Novels on the itch io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality 2020-06-10 KrunchyFriedGames
School For The Friendless [BxG] [Friendship, Romance, Comedy] [Free] 2020-06-09 Dollarluigi
LINGERING [LGBT, Point and Click, QTE, Mystery, Drama][PAID] 2020-06-09 Xerofit51
Welcome To... Chichester OVN 3 : The Mysterious Affair At The Violet Hotel [COMEDY][DRAMA][INNUENDO] 2020-06-07 Triority
The Raintime [Psychological][Young Adult][Magical Realism] 2020-06-07 drinkerofmilk
Flour Hour [BxB][Romance][Drama][SliceofLife] 2020-06-06 Sayumi101
Tsugi no Medium PROLOGUE (a pixel-art visual novel) 2020-06-05 Nk_
Paranoid Schizophrenia 2020-06-03 DVD2heart
Solipsism Reigns (free, dark fantasy, romance, yandere, fully voiced) [GxB/Otome] 2020-06-01 8Laelia8
Defenders of Adacan 2 - the Descent [point-and-click adventure, mythology, mesopotamia] 2020-05-31 Per K Grok
Castaways [GxB] [Otome] [Romance, Adventure] [Free] 2020-05-30 Sleepyferret
TYRANIA [Psychological][Steam][Free] 2020-05-27 leviathanimation
Hero's Spirit Prologue [Fantasy][Adventure][Mystery][NaNo2020] 2020-05-26 Alera
Epilogue [Point and Click Adventure] [Science Fiction] [Free] 2020-05-25 Mutive
The Babysitter [Horror][Adventure][VN][Free] 2020-05-22 incommunicado
Alvion's Imperator : a french story based game in a medieval-fantasy world(French)[Free][Hard choice][Multiple ending] 2020-05-20 Regulos
nothing & nowhere [relaxing SoL] 2020-05-19 ebi-hime
Three kingdoms story: Conussia [MxG] [Commercial] [RPG] [BDSM] 2020-05-18 Veshurik
★✨ My Multilingual Storybook (Learn to read Japanese, English, and Chinese) [Educational][iOS / Android] ✨★ 2020-05-17 ComputerArt.Club
a new life. [Romance][Emotional][LGBT][Steam/Android/iOS] 2020-05-16 zephyo
That Day at the Park [Romance][Short][Relaxing] 2020-05-16 fullmontis
one. digit. off [O2A2 Jam][Voice Acted][Creepy][Free] 2020-05-16 Kokoro Hane
Roman's Christmas 罗曼圣诞探案集(Steam release/Mystery/Furry) 2020-05-16 apoto
Suddenly She's Here [Friendship] [Comedy] [Free] 2020-05-13 Dollarluigi
Daiku no Medium (a pixel-art psychological horror VN) 2020-05-09 Nk_
The Lost Boy: A Lost Silver Dating Sim 2020-05-02 The Unknown Projects
I Want to Pursue the Mean Side Character! [Kinetic][GxG][Free] 2020-04-29 Tsun-Angelique
Missing Time [Dating][Slice-of-life][Horror][Utsuge] 2020-04-29 FlutteringAbyss
The Blackout [Psychological Horror][Kinetic][Short][FREE 2020-04-25 RedLily1104
Bios Ex - Yami No Wakusei / Steam Release (-10% launch discount) 2020-04-18 Sevenknot77
The Witchling Marjolaine [NaNoReNo+ 2020] [Free] 2020-04-18 UnfinishedCircl
Ghost of a Chance (free download) (Ghost story) 2020-04-18 coffeeserpent
Demon Kiss [BxB] [FREE!] 2020-04-15 foleso
In Peaceful Days [NaNoRenO 2020][Fangame][GxG] 2020-04-14 madocallie
Defying Heaven’s Will [NaNo2020] [Free] [Browser] [BxB] [Murder Mystery] 2020-04-14 Helaine
Since When Did I Have a Combat Butler?! [VOICED][Comedy][Action][GxB][NaNoRenO2020+] 2020-04-13 Kokoro Hane
nul 2020-04-13 Kiyo
Full Service Shop [GxG], [NBxG] [Cute Cyborgs] 2020-04-13 Alexis_Royce Adult
Giving Her a Voice [nano2020][Sci-fi][Drama] 2020-04-13 Suryce
Molly [Nano2020] [Dark Slice of Life] 2020-04-13 Sunlit-Dreamer
Limbokin [NaNoRenO2020] [Horror] [Tragicomedy] [Dress-up] [Trading] [Free] 2020-04-12 ilyilaice
Eislyn's Apocalypse [NaNoRenO2020] [Fantasy] [Horror] 2020-04-12 JenneMK
Mizuchi 白蛇心傳 [GxG][Fantasy Romance] - Itchio and Steam Release 2020-04-12 Roxie
Love Hues! [LGBT+] [College-Life] [Mystery] [Commercial] 2020-04-11 DewDrop
The Seven Wonders [NaNo2020][Otome][Fantasy][Free] 2020-04-09 stupidinthedark
Marigold [Barajam 2019][Short VN][Sci-fi][lgbtq][Released & Free] 2020-04-04 cervineprince
The Violet Girls [kinetic] [drama] [friendship] [free] 2020-04-03 hiraethtea
GWL3 Part 2 out now! 2020-04-03 HayleyPetHarley Adult
Hot Scientific Clock [BxG][Voice Acted][Free] 2020-04-01 Kokoro Hane
Pizzaro Project Deep Dish [Clown Dating Game] 2020-04-01 Batensan
You Are DanganPervert 2020-04-01 The Unknown Projects
CANNA-BUS: 420 visual novel [$4.20] 2020-04-01 toastytoes
Cry - Hunter's Record 2020-03-28 stregaloveless
Sin City [v1.2a] [SPARK] 2020-03-20 playersp
Caffeine: Victoria's Legacy [Steampunk][BXG][Epic] 2020-03-20 peripherypro
Cross the Moon [kinetic][mystery] 2020-03-18 Rainvillain
Planet Stronghold 2 [commercial, all combos, RPG] 2020-03-18 jack_norton
The Weird One [GxB][Comedy][Free] 2020-03-18 Dollarluigi
Ex Astris 08 [GxB][Sci-fi][Dark][Episodic][Free] 2020-03-15 Cera L. Hendry
Mystery at Badger Villa. A visual novel about friendship, love, and mystery. 2020-03-15 Harri
Best Bakeshop Challenge. A visual novel of love, lies, and baking 2020-03-15 Harri
I Met Her Once (Horror)(Free) 2020-03-10 PixelatedInkBottle
Legend of Ren'AI [Experimental][Neural Network][Machine Learning][Free] 2020-03-04 Blitzwing01
Up until the end [GxB][Suspense,Romance,Friendship][Free] 2020-02-28 Letitia_L
The End of an Actress [BxG, Tragedy] 2020-02-22 ebi-hime
Mauritius Atoll [Tropical Post-Apocalyptic][Short][Free] 2020-02-18 guimero64
Magical Diary: Wolf Hall [Sim/RPG] [BxG/B] 2020-02-17 papillon
Non Crush Relief [Free] [LGBT] [short] [comedy] 2020-02-15 SaturnsOrbit
Strange Friends Vol. 1 [Fantasy][Short][Free] 2020-02-14 JustAlexander
Demon's Little Game [android][GxB/BxB][mystery][short][free] 2020-02-13 plush
Sunflower 2020-02-12 korytoombs
warm [kinetic novel] [GxG] [slice-of-life] 2020-02-07 ButterflyLatte
Oppaidius Tropical Cruise![FREE][Ecchi][Comedy][18+] 2020-01-28 Benny