LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
[FREE] [VN] [COMEDY] Just Your Ordinary School Life Simulator 2022-09-25 Uncle Moose
[FREE HORROR GAME] Won't You Stay Remastered Version is now available for download! 2022-09-20 littlemissyotome888
The Spanish Privateer [Otome] [GxB] 2022-09-16 SinSisters
Roadwarden [Fantasy/RPG/Pixel Art] 2022-09-12 Aureus
Monster Boy Doctor [Yaoi Jam 2022 | FREE] 2022-09-03 alexei
ArtGEN [motion NSFW sci-fi comics] 2022-09-03 Melanoxylon
Memory Ghosts [otome, paranormal, slice of life, gxb/g, free] 2022-09-02 thetiredone
Sophie the Witch [Comedy] [Yuri] [Kinetic] [SuNoFes 2022] 2022-08-28 Rensuka
Mycorrhiza - A Love Letter to Horror Manga [Horror][Mystery][Animated CGs] 2022-08-12 FulminisIctus
All Ashes and Illusions [BxG, dark] 2022-08-10 ebi-hime
Gino and the Witch of the Black Swamp [BxG][18+][Horror] 2022-08-08 SteinersCooking Adult
Trapped with Jester [O2A2][Amare][Comedy][Otome?][Horror???][Voiced][Android][PC][WEB] 2022-08-06 Ant-san
Sunny [GxG][Short][Free] 2022-08-03 infructescence
One Reply [O2A2 Jam][Slice-of-Life][O1G Fandisc] 2022-07-27 Kokoro Hane
Everglow [Sci-fi][Short][Free] 2022-07-26 aristarhys
77 Oleander Avenue [Horror][Mystery][Psychological] 2022-07-21 RunaLiore
Cooking with Belmont [FREE][BxB][Comedy][Romance][Short] 2022-07-21 bob-artist
Aquae~Crystal Clear Waters~: ARC1[Free][Fantasy/Adventure] 2022-07-04 Voz
Hummingbird's Crown [Otome Jam 2022] [Mystery] [Comedy] 2022-07-02 fablenovel
Dabbling in Drama [Otome Jam 2022] [High School] [Friendship] [Free] 2022-06-30 ilyilaice
Chance It! [Fully Voiced][Comedy][Otome Jam][FREE] 2022-06-30 Kokoro Hane
The Jig Is Up! Trailer and Release [Free] [LGBT] 2022-06-29 Alexis_Royce
VOYAGE [Free][Short][Friendship][Goofy] 2022-06-27 gogoIEO
Sherbert In A Bottle [Short][Free] 2022-06-23 Ekkoberry
My First Ever Visual Novel Game: "2072", a Educational Point & Click VN 2022-06-19 victorialin
Twice Reborn [Drama] [Vampire] [Full Voice Acting] 2022-06-18 JBShields
He@rtstrings [otome] [visual novel] 2022-06-10 izumigamesdev
Nectar [GxG][Nudity][Yuri][Slice of life][Fantasy] 2022-05-31 tayu___yu Adult
Sheltering With You [GxG][Nudity][Yuri][Fantasy] 2022-05-31 tayu___yu Adult
Beauty Contest [GxG][Nudity][Yuri][Slice of life] 2022-05-31 tayu___yu Adult
My Night in Roarington[Otome][GxB][Comedy][Free] 2022-05-29 Fluffifae
Visual Novel Test 1 (yes, that's the title) [Comedy] [Free] 2022-05-26 dicortesia
The Game of The Games - Update of my first VN [Short][Free] 2022-05-25 l0wrens0
Something Strange - My First Visual Novel [Horror] [Short] 2022-05-25 Handitinerary
Hamizuki [GxB][otome][Slice of Life][Free] 2022-05-23 ty_0523
It's a Soft Word [Interactive Fiction][Short] 2022-05-14 heather2022
Story of Eroolia Remastered Series [Commercial][Otome][Fantasy][Fully Voiced] 2022-05-13 Chu-3
A tale of other worlds and demons (otome) (fantasy) (free)) 2022-05-07 _LadyBex_
Salome's Kiss [GxG, historical, drama] 2022-04-27 ebi-hime
ARTISAN [Young Adult][Thriller] 2022-04-23 AllegraTown
Billionaire Lovers [Psychological Horror][Commercial] 2022-04-18 otttter
7th-sense [Game-Test] [Free] 2022-04-15 BrokenBro
Defenders of Adacan 3 - Apocalyps 2022-04-14 Per K Grok
Novalie [Horror] [Surreal] [Commercial] 2022-04-14 biscuit
Drink of Choice [NaNoRenO 2022] [Cozy] 2022-04-08 Flordinary
PreOdyssey: Odysseus, Penelope & her Ducks [OTOME][Comedy][Friendship][NaNo][Free][PC & Android] 2022-04-03 Ant-san
Apocalypse' Lovers [Ep.1 Prologue] [BxG][GxG][18+|NSFW][Dark Humour][Dark Theme][Submission] 2022-04-03 sculpteur Adult
Tree 2022-04-02 Fate--
A Red Violet [Short VN][Free] 2022-04-01 eilohhs
Sunny Side Up! [NaNoRenO2022] [Watercress] [LGBTQ+] [RomCom] 2022-04-01 TheForeverLoneWolf
deadbeat [NaNoRenO 2022] [free] [short] 2022-03-31 dueceladouce
[NaNoReno 2022] Crop Circle [Romance][Sci-Fi][Free] 2022-03-31 azureXtwilight
Gidget & The Mysterious Thievery of Hoppity Town [NaNoReno 2022] [Detective] [Adventure] [Mystery] [Comedy] 2022-03-29 fablenovel
Jester Under Pressure [NaNoRenO 2022] [Fantasy] [Romance] [Free] 2022-03-28 ilyilaice
[Free keys] Family Wizard. A horror visual novel [Horror][Commercial] 2022-03-24 Kosmo
Julie-chan had a dream: Big [Free] [GxG] [Fangame/Yuri/Comedy] [] 2022-03-23 furyrust Adult
Making Friends [GxG] [Fantasy] [Commercial] 2022-03-22 Autumnotopia
GymBeasts [Adventure] [BARA] [GAY] [QUEER] [BxB] [Funny] [Free] [] 2022-03-22 fantasygym
Two Slices of Love [Drama/Comedy/Sister-in-Law] 2022-03-17 TigerPulp Adult
All the Words She Wrote [GxG, slice of life, cute] 2022-03-15 ebi-hime
Leave Mr. Bear Alone [short][free] 2022-03-12 dueceladouce
Amaranthine Layer Piercer [Horror] [Puzzle] 2022-03-11 exuin
My First Visual Novel [short][meta][free] 2022-03-10 gogoIEO
WTC: Recruitment Day [COMEDY] [DRAMA][PARTIALLY VOICED] 2022-03-07 Triority
Paper Bow [Platonic][Kinetic][Voiced][Short] 2022-03-07 Kokoro Hane
It's A Promise [Romance] [GxG] [GL] [Yuri] [Slice of Life] [Kinetic Novel] [Free] [] [Web] 2022-03-02 Foxpancakes
Night Cascades [Mystery] [Paranormal] [1980s] [GxG] 2022-03-01 papillon
Forests [Sci-fi] [Introspective] [Battle of Wits] [kinetic] [FREE] 2022-02-28 4gamma
Every Day's Different | English Voiced Slice of Life 2022-02-27 Wintermits
Vera Blanc and the Purloined Patient (3D art) 2022-02-24 fleet Adult
Heir ~ A short thriller visual novel [Free] 2022-02-22 MilaOlivson
Difficult English to French translation 2022-02-22 frelon71
Monsters and Me [Supernatural][Slice-of-Life][Comedy][LGBTQ+] 2022-02-21 BlackDoorGames
Mind Rite [otome][detective][fantasy] 2022-02-20 HEllRas
Haven. A short and sweet interactive story + relaxing music 2022-02-16 LionsTooth
Reimei no Gakuen [GxB][Otome, Modern Fantasy, Mystery] 2022-02-12 RaikonKitsune
Stained Glass Sky [Sci-Fi] [Cute] [Emotional] [Pixel Art] [Jam Entry] [Free] [] 2022-02-05 minkonn
The Star Legation (Steam Summer Sale!) [Sci-fi][Adventure][RPG Elements][Drama][Comedy][Romance][Mystery][Space Opera] 2022-02-04 Chimaera9
Why Are You Murdering Me? A Story of Regret [Short] [Free] [Romance] [Gender Neutral] [Depression] [Interactive Fiction] 2022-01-29 heathertendre
Late to the Party [Short] [Free] [Friendship] [Comedy] [LGBTQ+] 2022-01-14 greatbatch
Winter Memories [WinterVNJam] [Free] [Short] [Kinetic VN] [Romantic comedy] [Bittersweetness] 2022-01-11 OnionCuttingNinja
Assassin at Crimson Keep 2022-01-08 miro4D2
Curse of Gravehollow Peaks [STEAM PAGE][Fantasy, Otome] 2022-01-07 Duchess
Bad Faith [Commercial][Psychological Horror][Drama][GxG][DEMO Available] 2022-01-05 madocallie
Dreamy Snowland [Free] [Short Linear VN] [Non-Romance] 2021-12-31 re2arthouse
The Princess of the Tower Wants a Hero [Otome] [Free] [Winter VN Jam] [Web/PC/Android] 2021-12-31 Ant-san
Myx's Bittersweet Musings [short][WinterVNJam][cute][dark][sci-fi][a tiny bit thriller/psychological horror?] 2021-12-26 MintGlow
Wrapped With a Kiss [Christmas Otome] [Slice of Life] 2021-12-24 LegendEx
UNTITLED(2021) short experimental VN 2021-12-24 black polar bear
Destination: Prague [NaNo2020][Comedy][Travel][Educational] 2021-12-19 Azar Dragneel
Eternal Autumn [VN] [fantasy/adventure] [lesbians] [free] [] 2021-12-09 infructescence
Maia [Psychological Horror] [Yandere] [GxG] [GL] [Yuri] [Short] [Kinetic Novel] [Free] [] 2021-12-09 Foxpancakes
Alone With You [Romantic comedy] 2021-12-05 alexey izimov
Half Moon [Psychological Thriller] [Supernatural] 2021-12-03 tiya_nofurita
Amelie [Psychological][Mystery][GxG] 2021-12-02 Gabmag
The Wheel of Fortune - The only VN with Yugoslav-folk music! [Parody/Romance] [Steam/Itch] 2021-12-01 vajsko430 Adult
Women of Xal [Mystery] [Political] [Fantasy] [Romance] [Steam] 2021-11-28 ProjectTrinity
Momotype [Experimental] [Horror] 2021-11-16 Rimatoad
You Are My Sunshine [Psych-Horror] [GxB] 2021-11-12 BloodPeach
[AnotherIndieGameDev] Unveiled - Isekai visual novel with Turn based combat [Fantasy][Comedy] [Steam] 2021-11-08 Chikitokun