LSF New Games

This page is a list of the newest game relases announced on the Lemma Soft Forums. More precisely, it's a list of the newest threads in the Completed Games and Completed Hentai Games forums, ordered by the first post in the thread. With any luck, this will make it easier to find a new game to play.

Thread Date Creator
One Night Standoff! [Bug Testing Period] 2018-03-21 Bartulisica
The Pretenders Guild (Free/GxB/BxB/Comedy/Customization) 2018-03-19 minyan
Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I [BxB] [+18] 2018-03-18 rivars
Birthday Boyfriend [otome][mad lib] 2018-03-17 dustyotome
Patent9 - Goddess of Trust [Commercial][Mystery][Steam] 2018-03-16 bakamile
Goddess Complex I-V Supreme Edition now for free 2018-03-16 gtswaifuism
A thing that I made about lakes and rivers( not really a game tho) 2018-03-15 AAdmiral
Pure Heart Chronicles volume 1 [Epic Fantasy][Sexy][Comedy][Commercial] 2018-03-10 Arkamsoft
Pizza Lady - Ace Attorney [Free][Humor][Mystery][Whodunit][LGBT] 2018-03-10 PizzaLady
Dear Prince, Sleep Well 2018-03-06 Zodiac_Stories
SORORITY RITES ☠️ Released on iOS / Android 2018-03-05 AppSir
New Visual Novel 2018-03-02 Arkamsoft Adult
A Charming Tale [Strawberry Jam] (BxG/B) 2018-02-28 Red-Baby Adult
Long Nights - alien otome game! [GxB] [GxGenderfluid] 2018-02-28 watto
Through the Screen 2018-02-26 ArizaLuca
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea [GxB][GxG] [Commercial] 2018-02-23 blackcross12
Starstorm [BL][Romance][Commercial] 2018-02-23 felisselita
Crossroad [otome] [GxB] [Fantasy] [Commercial] 2018-02-19 Kalanhow
Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze [mystery][comedy][puzzle][commercial] 2018-02-16 sagittaeri
Red Embrace [BxB][Vampires][Romance][Drama] 2018-02-15 Dovahkitteh
Floraverse: Practice Run [Short] 2018-02-14 opaopa13
Palm-of-the-Hand: Carin [Kinetic][Short][Drama] 2018-02-14 BlackMagnolia
ERROR: Human Not Found [Free][Sci-Fi][Puzzle][Steam] 2018-02-14 Dae-Kalina
Valentines otome [GxB][VN][Romance Dating Sim]Walkthrough guide now available 2018-02-13 15385bic
S W E E T D R E A M S (short 5minute vampire VN) 2018-02-08 friend
Dancing with a Beautiful Robot [Free][Undertale fangame] 2018-02-07 khywae
Border of her Heart - VN about border control 2018-02-06 Tuomo_L
Lovely Anemone [Ace Jam Game] [Yuri] [Free] 2018-02-02 LusciousSpirit
Ghost Discoverers [Supernatural][Point-and-Click][Free/Short] 2018-02-02 Sleepy
Your Royal Gayness [LGBT+, Humor] 2018-01-28 Aviala
My Life as a Maiden [BxG][Slice of Life][Romance][Commercial] 2018-01-26 DoubleEdge
The Mind's Eclipse [SciFi] [Exploration] [Dark] 2018-01-25 themindseclipse
The Villaintine [Free, GxB, Otome/Friendship] 2018-01-23 niannn
Wingman DX the Hot Wing Dating Sim [Free] [Comedy] [Friendship] 2018-01-22 wingmanthegame
Ezarel's Creepy Halloween Stories [Fan Novel][Unofficial spin-off][Short][Free] 2018-01-21 team_spieluhr
Christmas Live [Free] [Kinetic] [Simulation] 2018-01-21 solarProtag
Last Couple Minutes [Drama][Tragedy] 2018-01-19 silversporksama
Computer Art Club [Free] [made by elementary school students] [android app] 2018-01-12 ComputerArt.Club
Minion! - A Fantasy/Humor Visual Novel - Free Download 2018-01-09 Mutive
Lorsqu'un sillement de suie peint les murs [free] [french] [introspection] [cyberpunk] 2018-01-07 Koinaiji
Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid (Adult 18+)(NSFW)(Demo)(Now Available on Android!) 2018-01-06 Conley_1 Adult
Don't Leave [Free][Short] 2018-01-03 Invictöus
Under the Bed (Dark)(Mystery)(Psychological) 2018-01-03 Muffle
Six Days of Snow [BxG-ish, free] 2017-12-31 ebi-hime
Tarped By a Threesome (Demo/Free) 2017-12-26 cyngs Adult
Chess of Blades [BxB][Mystery][Romance] 2017-12-24 Dovahkitteh
Pinocchio's Murder [Otome][GxB][Mystery|SciFi|School life] 2017-12-24 mayshing
ILOVEYOU Virus 2.0 AI-VN 2017-12-19 zankizuna
Santa's Workshop (Educational game/app for toddlers and young kids) 2017-12-15 ComputerArt.Club
oice visual novel: A Campus Love Diary 2017-12-15 yoyoinwasteland
So long, summer days (experimental tragicomedy) 2017-12-14 teaforthecynic
Smooth Lines [LDJam, short] 2017-12-13 Godline
May I Take Your Order - (Free, short) 2017-12-11 Alexis_Royce Adult
Party Favors [GXG][Maximum Monster Month] 2017-12-10 madocallie
oice visual novel: My Indestructible, Invincible Guan Yinping 2017-12-07 yoyoinwasteland
Let`s not stay friends [otome] [GxB] [Fantasy] [Commercial] 2017-12-05 Mihi
NSE: A Generic Ghost Story [Mystery][Comedy][Short] 2017-12-04 fukairi
oice visual novel: Heaven's Holiday 2017-12-01 yoyoinwasteland
The Ghost of Joe Papp [BxG, Slice-of-life, Commercial] 2017-12-01 Bryy
Togetherness - Released! [psychological|romance|short|free] 2017-11-29 Azura
Captured [GXB] [Science Fantasy] [Free] [Merpeople] 2017-11-26 DarkSiren
Find someone else [Modern/Drama/Sad/Dark/Free] 2017-11-24 Red_skald
Tyrania - VN with Animations [psychological] [vengeance] [military] [animated] 2017-11-16 leviathanimation
Chocolate Confession - Online Otome Game! 2017-11-13 loveedreams
The Last Yandere (iOS/Android) Visual Novel ★★★★★ 2017-11-12 AppSir
DREAM SAVIOR GAKUEN - ReDraw [Out Now!, BxB, GxB, Drama, Mystic, Free] 2017-11-10 illuminate001
Journey of The Scroll [RPG][IGMC2017] 2017-11-06 Kokoro Hane
Halloween Live! [Free] [Kinetic] [Simulation] 2017-11-06 solarProtag
Broken Minds [90s/Mystery/Psychological] 2017-11-05 OddTillTheEnd
Phucker in the Woods: Vol 0 [Free][Parody][Comedy][Cult Classic][Slice of Life] 2017-11-04 archibald_garfunkel
Viridescent Dragon: Chapter 3 [Free][Adv][BxG][KN][Comedy][Action] 2017-11-03 Viridea
Death Roulette [Horror] [Mystery] [High School] 2017-11-02 JamieDW
VOID [Vifth Floor] (Espionage, Action, Psychological) 2017-11-02 VibrativeDruid6
Love Paradox [GxG, Yuri Game Jam, Time Travel] 2017-10-31 Luxa
Lynne [psychological horror] 2017-10-31 ebi-hime
Guns & Lovers [Romance][Friendship][Mystery][Parody] 2017-10-30 YossarianIII
The Witch in the Forest [GxG] [Slice of Life / Kemonomimi / Fantasy] [Free] 2017-10-27 Mikomi
Blackberry Honey [GxG, Victorian, optional 18+ content] 2017-10-24 ebi-hime
A Strange Package [Mystery,Comedy][Short][Free] 2017-10-23 fullmontis
Death Rule: lost code Overdrive Edition [Suspense] 2017-10-23 Hijiri
STRANDED - M/M Visual Novel 2017-10-22 rodent Adult
Within a Rose [BxG][Slice of Life][Romance][Fantasy][Commercial] 2017-10-20 DoubleEdge
These nights in Cairo [GxB][VN] Adventure,otome,mysticism, romance, 16+[Commercial] 2017-10-17 salamandra88art
How to Fool a Liar King (otome, cute, fantasy, nekomimi, commercial) 2017-10-16 Chu-3
The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1 [GxB/G][Comedy] 2017-10-09 gamerbum
Jake's Love Story [BxG][Slice-of-life/Comedy/Romance] Now on Steam! 2017-10-06 mikolajspy
minor fall MAJOR LIFT [Short][Romance][Free][Text][Gay] 2017-10-04 isak grozny
miraclr - Divine Dating Sim [Free][BxB, GxB][Otome][Comedy] 2017-10-03 storykween
soundless - A MODERN SALEM IN REMOTE AREA - [Horror][Denpa][Kinetic][GxG][Free] Version 1.2 Out! 2017-09-30 puffinlady
Lonely Afternoons out now [Romance x SoF] 2017-09-25 shikinamiS
Doki Doki Literature Club! [BxG] Free Download 2017-09-23 TS_Dan
Mi Media Naranja (Free) 2017-09-15 Macave
Bunka no Kenkyu -Revival of Queen Leyak - (Horror) 2017-09-15 Wittmann
Flamel's miracle[Romance] 2017-09-15 madbunnie13
[redacted] Life: End State [SuNoFes][Free][Horror][Psychological][Fangame] 2017-09-14 Norbez
England Exchange - now with nude patch 2017-09-11 papillon Adult
I woke up next to you again. [Romance / Psychological Horror][Free] 2017-09-10 zephyo
In Front of Me [Harem] [TS4] [BxG] [Romance] [Free] 2017-09-08 OmgzGirl
Ryback in the Woods (WWE Dating Sim) 2017-09-05 olivia324
Amplitude[MYSTERY, GXB,BXG, COMEDY][STEAM][] 2017-09-05 Xerofit51